Did Pelosi just un-invite Trump from the State of the Union?

She’s not concerned about security. This is political theater highlighting the shutdown and the fact that the folks working security will be doing it without timely pay. There’s no reason she needs to discus anything. What would the Secret Service say that would change the fact that they aren’t getting paid?

Oh, please. “Afraid of hearing” sort of implies that he’s going to pull out secret indictments or new irrefutable facts or something. He doesn’t have indictments and doesn’t do facts. It’s going to be a Trump speech.

Well done, Madame Speaker.

It’s a smart move by Pelosi because it impacts something Trump actually cares about: being able to beam out to the nation images of Democrats forced to sit and listen to him.

He won’t be able to duplicate that particular show of power if he holds a rally in Texas to give the SOTU address.

So Pelosi has given him what may be his first real personal incentive to end the shutdown.

Nonsense claims with zero cites can be dismissed as the nonsense assertions they are.

He’s going to beg for his wall. She’s not afraid of hearing that, but tired of it.

What she is doing is holding the president accountable, which is Congress’s job but something the Racist Party has become unaccustomed to.

Is Pelosi being unnecessarily aggressive, at least in the minds of Trump supporters (including those in Government) who might become especially loyal to Trump as a result?

It made me smile. Trump feels a small portion of the pain he’s inflicting, unless he starts to take negotiations seriously. He loses his media coverage and the hoopla of the joint session. I think it’s a masterful move.

It’s time to stop caring about whether appeasement will persuade Trump supporters to stop being slightly less evil.

I would have thought it more base than that … what the tradition that members of both Houses stand and applaud POTUS as they enter the chamber … replete with a tweet claim that there were more members in the joint sitting and applauding him than ever before … must have been over a thousand.

It’s safe to assume that you are laughably wrong about everything you have posted above, and are merely making it up as you go.

Just keep on being you.

“The thousands and thousands of members of Congress gave me the biggest Standing O in history!!! And then we all had hamberders! That I paid for! I got to have the most of them!!!”

Pelosi’s an idiot. All Trump needs to do is give his speech on TV from the White House, maybe even the Oval Office, then hand a document to the House. Fox will televise him and if no one else does they’ll get huge ratings. He could even pre-record it so Fox can have their bletherers properly primed. He might even reference the camera operator by name during the speech and then at the end ask the camera operator to deliver a copy of the video to the House - it doesn’t have to be on paper, does it?

Anyway, Jan 29th is 2 years +8 days, isn’t it? So I wonder if it will be Pence giving the address?

No, she’s being really smart about this. There’s no downside. The upside is that the polo and circumstance of being president is one of the few things that Trump cares about.

Trump will always take every opportunity to be an asshole in public. So it doesn’t hurt Pelosi if he does it at an alternative location. He’s going to do what he would have done in the well of the House. But this time the House doesn’t have to be a part of the travesty.

He won’t have [del]cheering crowds[/del] hordes of drooling idiots or sychophantic Congresscritters stroking his ego. He can’t brag about the (vastly inflated) numbers of viewers.
He lives for that shit.

Assuming there is a near-fixed and devoted Trump base of around 40 percent, and that Republican gerrymandering has been effective, the Democrats are in a precarious position. They need essentially complete support from the non-Trumpites.

Anything they can do to woo even some of his base could have huge effect at the electoral level.

The Democrats already have all the Trump haters in their pocket. The only way they are sure to succeed from here is to convert some of the pro-Trump camp to their side.

I like it but I’m sure Trump is just going to hold some alternate candlelight event festooned with Big Macs, former porn stars, and big brass from the newly formed Space Force.

Actually I would probably go to that. It’s not my job to have dignity.

Look, I know you’re a hard scrapping internet warrior but do you really think you have any place to call a scrapper like Pelosi an idiot? Do you honestly think she isn’t well aware of these points you make? She may be wrong in her calculus but she has undoubtedly realized that Trump may do the thngs you mention.

Nancy Pelosi is showing us how it’s done.

Oh, absolutely.

And don’t forget the “invited guests” aspect of SoTU addresses at the House. No doubt he was excitedly planning on having people who, he hoped, would cause pain to show up on the faces of Pelosi, Schumer, and other prominent Democrats.

Now those faces won’t be there to react to his Brilliant Choices.

Poor Donnie. The treat has been well and truly snatched away from him.