Did Pelosi just un-invite Trump from the State of the Union?

Nah, I don’t think so.

Trump has painted himself into a corner with a shutdown that he owns, and a shutdown that is highly unpopular, even among some part of his base. Moreover, Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, and as such, she can continue to propose and author bills to reopen the government. Again, and again, and again. And it goes to Mitch McConnell’s senate, where it gets blocked again, and again. Why? Because McConnell won’t send a bill to the president knowing that it will get vetoed and then overridden. McConnell knows that if the president is overridden, it’s possibly the kiss of death.

Pelosi has the advantage of knowing why this whole shutdown started in the first place – because Trump reacted to Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter, a bunch of unaccountable right wing shock jocks. Pelosi knows that Trump is trapped between his base and mounting public opinion. She’s going to shock his testicles again and again. There’s a reason she’s Speaker, dude.

No. The number of voting-eligible Americans who didn’t vote in 2016 dwarfs the number who voted for Trump.

Those are the votes to go after.

The Trump-fans are unreachable. It doesn’t matter what concessions might be made to them or what flattery might be offered them or what deference might be shown to them. They are unreachable by Democrats.

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Trump rode into office after being completely played by Russia. Then he had 2 years of not facing pushback at all. I hope this is the beginning of 2 years of Trump being played like a fiddle by American politicians a thousand times as experienced as him. And smarter, too.

Originally Posted by KarlGauss:

Assuming there is a near-fixed and devoted Trump base of around 40 percent, and that Republican gerrymandering has been effective, the Democrats are in a precarious position. They need essentially complete support from the non-Trumpites.

Anything they can do to woo even some of his base could have huge effect at the electoral level.

The Democrats already have all the Trump haters in their pocket. The only way they are sure to succeed from here is to convert some of the pro-Trump camp to their side.

The key word in my post was ‘sure’, as in ‘sure to succeed’. It seems those who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 were insufficient in number and/or electoral district to stop him. Another source of votes is required (to be ‘sure’).

Did you mistake Jan. 29th for Feb. 29th? :confused:

Impressive. Every word in that post was wrong.

I’d just like us to take a moment and remember that Pelosi has been re-Speaker-ed for less than two weeks.

What nightmares await Trump for the remainder of their terms that coincide?

Go, Nancy, go!

Nancy Pelosi is dominating Trump. It’s a political wrestling match, and she’s got his shoulders pinned.

Pence and Donnie might each be giving the State of the Cellblock address at their respective institutions.

Isn’t that something? Within 3 days of Dems assuming their responsibilities in the House, Republicans were already trying to smear them with being obstructionist over the border wall – completely ignoring the whole 2 years they controlled the House before that. There are just no words for the depth of the corruption of Republicans.

Brava, Nancy Pelosi!!!

“…minds…Trump supporters…”

I can only laugh.

I don’t know why anyone thinks this is an example of Pelosi pwning Trump. This is an act of mercy. Or extreme charity.

When she and Schumer met with Trump in the Oval Office back in… Jesus, it feels like 2017 but I guess it was only a few weeks ago… she suggested that the cameras leave and they keep talking. Trump refused and was supremely embarrassed.

Pelosi probably figures that Trump just doesn’t have the stamina to give a long speech at this point, even if he rode a golden golf cart down the center aisle of the House. Trump would probably just spend the 90 minutes groveling for Pelsoi to please please please build the wall or he will look bad, then probably start admitting things like the job is too hard and he doesn’t really want it anyway.

Nobody wants to see Trump embarrass the country like that, so the only choice was for her to call it off.

And believe me, if she didn’t, Trump would come up with a reason not to do it. Like have his White House physician announce that his bone spurs have returned, so the “doctor” is writing a doctors note addressed to Congress that excuses Trump from this silly tradition.

Very interesting choice of words there. Guess what? Trump can give the speech elsewhere.

Guess what? Nancy told him to.

And now he’s ballless? Nuts burned clear off. Disregarding the inappropriate sexual language I’m not seeing it.

These are people currently supporting concentration camps for children. It’s safe to say they’re not just unreachable, but that attempting to reach them demeans the reacher.

Setting the metaphor aside, he’s going to have a hard time avoiding looking like he’s taking directions from her. The invitation to Congress is within her power to withhold, and her withholding it is clearly an unprecedented snub.

My guess is he’ll go big, giving a State of the Union in Lubbock, Texas or somewhere, and shipping in 10,000 MAGA hats and acting like everything’s fine just fine. But even if you like Trump, you gotta admit this is the sort of move that is gonna piss him right the hell off.

I read elsewhere that Pelosi is an experienced parent and this is parenting 101: if you throw a tantrum, no TV time for you.


Hey, I’m not saying you’re wrong, necessarily, but I do have to ask. Let me see, how do I put this: what in the hell are you talking about?! :slight_smile:

Of course you’re not. Metaphors are hard. And the kind of shit Pelosi is working right now is even harder.

We have to assume that Trump thinks with his balls. That’s the only thing that can explain why he keeps saying he’d like to fuck his daughter.