Did Schwarzenegger compose a "Fuck You" acrostic in a veto letter?

It appears so but was this plausibly just a coincidence as his office claims?

The phrasing of the letter seems odd to me, which is evidence that the acrostic was intentional. But then, I haven’t read anything else he (or whoever writes these for him) has written. Maybe he always writes like that.

Well, maybe he’s just copying this guy.

Well, I don’t know the probability distribution of first letters in an English text (assuming it’s even, which it’s not, we’d be looking at something like a 1 in 8 billion likelihood, not counting the paragraph break), but even without that, and even without factoring in the probability of the paragraph break being in just the right position to separate the two words – I don’t think there’s a way in hell that was an accident.

It doesn’t just say ‘Fuck You’ it says ‘I Fuck You’. My vote is for intentional and that it’s kind of awesome.

Here is the letter in question.

The phrasing looks slightly odd, and the acrostic makes up the entirety of the letter. I say it was done on purpose.

Schwartzenegger is officially still my favourite politician.

Actually it says T I Fuck You. I think he must have gotton distracted part way through Titty.

If that is not intentional, then Arny oughta be out buying lottery tickets.

I thought it was going to actually spell out the words. If you’re claim is that the paragraphs start with IFY, and you’re interpreting this as “I Fuck You”, then I think it’s a stretch.

I’d agree with mswas that it would be kind of awesome if he did that intentionally, but I don’t think there’s good evidence for it. Although I will say that starting the second paragraph with ‘Yet’ is a little abnormal and could be seen as being done intentionally. I just think there’s a very good chance it was accidental.

Now, if he had written something like this:

Then you’d have something.

That’s hilarious. I sincerely hope it’s not a coincidence.

And by the way, this Ammiano guy (who probably shares a lot of my political opinions) sounds like a real piece of work. He heckled Schwartzenegger with, “You lie!”? I don’t mind our pogressive legislators getting a little over-the-top in their rhetoric, but at least be original ferchrissakes. How seriously can you take someone who apes Joe Fucking Wilson?

Actually, the message seems to be, “T, I FUCK YOUS A.” The governor may be a… a… how do I phrase this politely? An assman.

His “Eat my grimy nutsack” letter will do away with any thought of coincidence.

Read it again. And look at the first letter of each line extra carefully. :wink:

I’m laughing. I suppose it could be a mistake or intentional. I’d have more respect for the guy if it was intentional and he admitted it was. I’d give him a big thumbs-up on this one in that case.

If it really is a mistake then it is just mildly humorous and no props to the Governator.

Either way chuckle worthy.

He did write something like that. See the link in Ravenman’s post. Heck, here’s the text:

Another vote for no way this could be accidental.

The “kicks the can down the alley” turn of phrase is incredibly stilted. My vote: intentional and hilarious.

I’d have less respect for him if he admitted it was intentional. Taking credit belabors the point and cheapens the punchline.

It does :

“my favorite body part, the ass.”

That’s intenational. The giveaway is ‘filler’ phrasing like “reforms Californians overwhelmingly deserve.” It may not be Schwarzenegger’s doing - maybe a staffer wrote up the text of the announcement. You can expect someone to get the axe over that. It’s mildly funny but stupid.