Yes, even sven, it's all about penis size :sigh:

Second of all, as they say on Car Talk, BO-O-O-O-GUS!

Why exactly are you so convinced that America is a nation of penis-envyers? How insightful of you to notice this! Oh, our reactions to September 11 had nothing to do with the 3000 dead, it was because we felt “emasculated”. Thanks for that. I didn’t vote for Arnold because I thought he’d be a decent governor, but because I’ve got penis issues.

Yep, that’s us Americans all right. Emasculated men worried that the world thinks we have small cocks. That’s why we elect who we elect. It’s not Democracy (well, Republicanism), it’s Freudian! :dubious: I bow down to your wisdom, madam! Show me the way away from the evil penis-cult that is American politics!

Great use of “cocksure” by sven.

Just thought I’d point that out.

Arnold’s just following in the footsteps of Clinton. Charismatic, likes the ladies.

And you’re an idiot, even.

Sorry, forgot to include the cite in the OP.

I don’t agree completely w/ Even Sven on this issue (we usually disagree on most things), but she’s given a legit (if somewhat sarcastic) analysis of how some younger people voted. Sorry, Michael, not Pitt-able.

May I just say that I think penises are indeed quite nifty? :smiley:

“I can only speak for my generation,” puh-leeze! As I am not the Spokesman for All Gay Men, Even Sven is not the Voice of Her Generation; at least I certainly hope for the nation’s future she is not.

Most of her rant is just second-hand feminist claptrap, but she does have a point that anti-intellectualism and celebrity appeal played a strong part in the election of Arnold. He never really said what he had planned for California so people can’t claim they were swayed by his ideas. They can’t say they were impressed by his record of public service, nor that he had performed well in previous elected posts.

My own private opinion is that Ashton Kutcher enlisted Arnold and the people of California in a special episode of Prank’d to air during November sweeps.

all I know is he must be swinging ungodly pipe. --Daily Show.

I wasn’t pitting that part of her statements, I was pitting her contention that it had to do with penis uber alles.

Indeed they are, Mssr. Gobear. Most ladies seem to like them.

As a member of the referenced generation, I kept wondering why I voted No on the recall and opted for Bustamante over Ahnold. It had nothing to do with my concerns about his experience, politics, character, etc. I basically just picked one at random.

Now I realize it’s because I have enormous genitals.

:eek: I should have voted for you!

bows before Dooku’s enormous genitals

She’s sticking with the penis theme here, too

Well, at least it’s a change from the constant posts about her current employment situation.

Now there’s a Sig line if I’ve ever seen one! :smiley:

That’s fine, but can we talk about Ashton Kutcher’s penis now?

You wouldn’t happen to be building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude, would you?

You have our gratitude.
Ahh, KFM quotes. That’s never a situation that can’t be improved with KFM quotes. More at 11.

Well I guess when all you have is a feminist hammer, every problem looks like a penis.

You weak minded fool! He’s using an old Jedi penis trick.

“These are not the genitals you’re looking for.”