did that thread about hitting that kid on the bike disappear?

I just thought to go searching for it and all traces of it are gone. It’s not just locked down.

I guess there are reasons why the OP wanted it gone.

Did we get any followup on the kid’s well-being, or was it all shut down (and all traces removed) at the OP’s request, or the mod’s discretion.

(just curious, not being critical)

I assume that that’s the thread Ethilrist linked to in this thread. I tried to open it and it said I didn’t have permission so, yeah, it looks like it was deleted.

As for why, unless it was added to since I last read it on Friday and someone read that, you might need to just email a mod to find out. They had their reasons and make or make not care to share them. Maybe it needs to remain confidential. I wasn’t too surprised to see it gone if any one of the speculations mentioned in it were indeed true.

Make or make not? I’ve no idea how I did that not once but twice.

May or may not, if you please.

I’ve been wondering about that exact same thing. Guess I’ll ask a mod directly.

I have a friend who once said “make make” in the middle of a sentence when he just meant to say “make”.

We’ve called him “make make” for about 5 years now. It’s the world’s worst nickname. . .impossible to say, moronic to explain, not insulting or glorifying.

“make or make not. . .there is no trike”