Did the horse in Disney's Snow White have a name?

if I’m remembering right, the prince in Snow White had a white horse with lots of personality. Did the horse have a name?

Actually, I think you’re thinking of Samson from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (not even the prince had much personality in SW&t7D)

6 minutes.
Not bad.

And, yes, the horse had a name; Samson.

Dammit! That will learn me to skip to the movie name and not read the first part of the sentence. Sorry, Archive Guy. :smack:

No. Carrots.

Cool! Thanks, guys! You’re quite right, it was Sleeping Beauty. GAH! I was even thinking about the glass coffin, and everything, but my memory was still providing “Snow White” for some inexplicable reason.

Well, the coffin in Snow White WAS made of glass.

Oh, jeepers.

Lemme see if I can get this straight:

Snow White:
Poisoned apple.
Glass coffin (made by dwarves.)
Prince w/o personality.

Sleeping Beauty:
Poisoned spindle.
Three good fairies.
Castle w/ thorn bush; dragon.
Prince & his faithful steed, Sampson.

Have I gotten my neurons uncrossed?

Seems like it.