Did you hear the rumor about Cecil Adams?

As the story goes seems old Cecil retired and moved to Florida … then he went on a diet cola enema diet losing 20 pounds and now all he does is text his answers to everyone’s questions from the bathroom in Boca Raton, which is located just north of Fort Lauderdale and north of Pompano Beach overlooking the bay http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Where+Is+Boca+Raton+Florida&FORM=RESTAB

He can still be seen by many coming and going from the local restaurants just one problem no one has ever taken a good picture of Cecil Adams and I hear the reward is in the thousands for one good picture. :smiley:

Of course this is another April Fools joke, but your not really sure are you?

Lie down, you’re drunk.

Boca seems to the default location for things. I don’t understand why.

They don’t have “April Fool’s Day” where you come from, do they?

Actually, word has it that around '99 or so, Annie Leibovitz did a rather nice portrait of Cecil to accompany a Rolling Stone cover article, but for some unknown reason the story never ran.

Hmmm. There was a domestic dispute in Boca yesterday that brought in the SWAT team, shutting down a bunch of local streets. I wonder if Cecil was involved.

It was about a block from the house of one of my co-workers.

Only 400lb to go !