Did you know the Swedish Crown Princess got married yesterday (Saturday)?

The Swedish Crown Princess got married this Saturday with a bloke called Daniel. This has been all over the news in Sweden, naturally, but I’m interested in whether anyone outside Scandinavia knew about this.

Please hit the button, and state where you’re from.

Yes, this was in the news in the United States. Or at least it was covered on the Today show, if that counts as news.

Yes - I’m in France. But I saw it on the BBC News website.

From the US. Don’t really watch the news much, haven’t seen it in any of the stuff I read online.

Yes, because a friend in Sweden was complaining about road closures due to it.

Yes, because I’m just over on the other side of the mountains.

Yes. Saw it on the BBC. England.

I saw it on CNN while I was in the waiting room at the vet’s.

It was on the BBC.

I read about her cage match with Barbie.

Sweden still has a monarchy?

Yes, I saw it on the Yahoo news feed yesterday.



Yep. I’m surprised that her marrying a commoner was allowed, but surprised in a good way.

Only because they had a brief blurb about it on a new show I watched this morning. I don’t give a shit about royals as a general rule and wish more countries had taken a queue from the French in the 18th century.

Yeah. She lost out when she spurned my offer.


I’m in Budapest, Hungary, but I saw it on BBC Friday and yesterday. Apparently some media were pissed off about being blocked from covering it and there was some kind of scandal because she wanted her father to give her away (too western). I looked for some video online but could only find still pics. I love weddings. Best wishes to the happy couple.

I knew they were getting married - saw some articles about various controversies leading up to it - but not that it was this weekend. Good luck to 'em.

USA - I had no idea, but the only society news I get is what’s on the racks in the grocery store. I missed it in the real news this week.

Yes - here in US it was on most Internet news sites, with photo.

The dude scored big time - he seemed quite happy and, although I am sure there is some true affection involved, marrying a Princess and becoming royalty in the process is probably a plus.