Die Hard: Welcome to the party... Powell?

Everybody’s favorite Christmas movie. You know the scene. Conventional wisdom has the quote as “Welcome to the party, pal!” But I always thought he was saying “Powell”, not “pal”. Of course Bruce Willis talking out the side of his mouth doesn’t help make it any clearer. Don’t tell me I’m the only one that hears it this way?

You’re the only way that hears it this way.

Maybe I’m misremembering, but at that point in the movie, I thought he hadn’t talked to Powell yet so how would he know his name?

That sounds like a clear “pal” to me. I’d say you’ve fallen victim to hearing what you expect to hear, but since I was expecting to hear “pal” …

Just kidding:

Nope. You are as wrong about “Powell” as you are in thinking Die Hard is a Christmas movie.


Welcome to the potty, Pal!

Heh, yeah I couldn’t help but fan that flame a little more… :smiley:

Or, as Salvador says in Borderlands 2, “Bienvenidas de la fiesta, amigo!”

Unless Powell’s car is parked directly against the building, how does the body fall into the windshield?