Digital Distribution Spring and Summer Sales 2014

I just thought we needed a new sales thread to track sales through the Spring and Summer.

I’ll start that as of 3/28/2014:

  1. Batman: Arkham Origins is on sale for $10 at Steam. This is the third Batman Arkham game.

  2. As stated in another thread, Dead Space is now free. Until May 8 2014. Origin only.

Gameagent has Borderlands 2 DLC for $2 for a “limited time” (I assume the weekend)

If you own the Season Pass, it’s a good way to fill in the major holes for cheap: the $2 each price tag means Psycho Pack is 80% off and Ultimate Vault Hunter 2 Pack is 60% off.

DLC Steam keys activate for both PC and Mac versions. is offering The Lost Vikings, Rock 'n Roll Racing and Blackthorne for free. No account required, just go and download the files.