Diplomacy Dopers - Strategy Needed!

Hey Gang, check out the game I’m in here.

I’m playing Russia. Turkey and I have been Juggernauting along fine until just recently. He made some aggressive moves in the Balkans and I was certain the stab was coming. So I did something I never do…made the one center stab. I thought for sure it would just keep me even in SCs. Well, I end up plus 2, but in horrible position vis-a-vis both England and Turkey.

Both strategic and tactical advice would be appreciated!

Appeal to England. It looks like a stalemate in the north, assuming you build an army in MOS to support STP. In fact, even without a pact, England is your biggest ally right now with those fleets breaking into the Medditeranean. If England goes with Turkey, you’re sunk anyway you slice it.
I’d consider building a fleet in SEV; it’s the fastest way to get a unit to CON. I’m trying to work out the best way to let Turkey advance into your Austrian holdings, but in a way that disrupts his line. I think attacking TYR might be best, but it doesn’t look good down there.

Edit: Boy that game moved fast. I’m in a game as Austria and every one of the powers is still in it as of 1911

thanks gary. I’m strongly leaning toward A MOS and I’m thinking (but willing to be convinced otherwise) that F SEV is a must to stave off the upcoming AEG-CON.

The game really moved fast for two reasons:

  1. A critical set of No Moves Received from France
  2. Turkey, Austria, and I laid the hammer down on a rapidly expanding Italy and then chewed Austria up from behind.
    In other words, strong two way alliances on both sides of the board.