Disney's A Christmas Carol: Anyone going?

Disney’s A Christmas Carol opens this weekend. Will you see it?

One the one hand:
Jim Carrey
Why do we need another version of this movie?

On the other:
I love Christmas.

I’ll see it, just because I’m a sucker for 3D. And Jim Carrey was actually good in The Mask. In fact, even though the movie was terrible, he did a good Grinch too.

Meh. I’d rather see the Mickey Mouse version. This doesn’t look like it was made with any sort of passion or point beyond getting something down in 3D fast.

I might go if one of my kids wants to, but not on my own. The story has been told and re-told so many times that another version, even if it’s 3D animation, doesn’t appeal. I’d rather re-watch the Muppet version, my personal favorite, which I already have on DVD.

Probably. I haven’t yet seen a commercial 3-D movie since this latest 3-D revival began (scratch that: I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 3-D in IMAX in St. Louis a couple of years ago), so this looks like as good a place as any to start.

Mom & I had the same reaction- road trip to a city with an IMAX! Probably in a few weeks.

Jim Carrey should be banned from any Christmas projects.

I am certain that this is the version of A Christmas Carol that Dickens would have written, if he had access to CGI 3D technology…

Bah. Humbug.

Wow, there really ARE a lot of Scrooges out there. I like A Christmas Carol. Furthermore, I like that there are different versions of it. There all a little bit the same, yet a little bit different. I, for one, can’t wait to see it, and I’m 47 years old. My wife is anxious to see it too.

I’m confused by this post. Are you saying -[ol]
[li]I hate Jim Carrey (I agree.)[/li][li]This looks like the best Christmas Carole evar! (Nah - that was Scrooged!)[/li][li]I’m gonna hate this. (Are you in character? Do you look forward to this?)[/li][/ol]

Color me confused.
And I couldn’t stand 90 minutes of Jim Carrey, especially in 3D.

I have to, I really don’t want to go though. The girlie is really excited about this, so I have to suck it up.

Jim Carrey Christmas movie?

From the makers of The Polar Express?
Hell no I won’t go!

Described as a “non-stop 3-D thrill ride” by one of its makers. Because that’s the sort of Christmas Carol the world needed. :rolleyes:

Don’t think they’re going to get my money.

Long before I would see the new Jim Carrey traves… I mean, version, I would -

  1. Go see my friend John Huston read “A Christmas Carol” as Charles Dickens.

  2. Go see one of the local staged productions of the play.

  3. Watch the Alistair Sim 1951 black and white film version.

  4. Read it ourselves with everyone in the family taking multiple parts.

  5. Trim my toenails with a belt sander.

My dislike of Jim Carrey is profound and my dislike of remakes for the sake of new technology is thorough.

That was what I thought when I saw the shorts a few weeks ago. I nearly threw up. I have yet to hear any of the hip hop soundtrack. I suppose the single will be either Fuck, Humbug or Bah, Fucking Humbug.

Oh and my favorite version is Blackadder’s Christmas Carol.

True that!!

Honestly, I am astounded that some folks have posted that they want to see this.

It’s not that I don’t like Jim Carrey. I do.

It’s not that I don’t dig 3D. I do.

It’s not that I am sick of versions of A Christmas Carol. It’s BECAUSE I am a fan of A Christmas Carol that I am so turned off by the promos for this movie. How is Scrooge getting whacked in the groin by a succession of icicles even remotely in keeping with this story?

And I agree that the fact that it was made by some of the folks behind The Polar Express movie troubles me. I actually liked some things about TPE, but it had some problems, especially getting way distracted by hair-raising stuntride sequences.

From the ads, it looks like this version is set firmly in the very heart of the Uncanny Valley. Jim Carrey plus creepy CGI = no thanks.

*My *favorite is Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. Where the kid obsesses over razzleberry dressing.

:smack:and I forgot to link this - this was in response to **Dr. Fidelius

Creepy CGI characters involved in slapstick humor? I’ll pass.

From the previews, this does for A Christmas Carol what Disney previously did to The Jungle Book which (despite its fans) is my least favorite Disney flick.

Am I going? Doubtful. A Christmas Carol is one of my mother’s favorite stories, so I feel as though I’ve seen just about every version of it. Beyond a couple of TV show takes on it (Popular and The OC) I can’t say I’ve ever seen a version I particularly like. I watch the Alistair Sim version and Mr. Magoo’s version nearly every year because they’re her favorites and a family tradition, but I don’t like even them all that much.

Nope. No way. I sat through Yes Man recently, thus fulfilling my federally mandated Annual Jim Carrey Exposure Limit.

And it looks like it’ll be bloody awful besides.