Do/Did you and your SO ever have a "song"? Can you link us to it?

An ex of mine and I had a song…last one I ever had with anyone.

I asked my husband if we had a song, and he started singing: “She’s a superfreak, superfreak, she’s superfreaky”. Then he changed his answer to Mickey Avalon, “My Dick”. (I won’t link because it’s NSFW, but it is catchy; google or youtube Mickey Avalon - My Dick - Music Video).

So no, we don’t have a song :slight_smile:

My SO and I used to say to each other, “I love you more today than yesterday…” and then the other one of us would say “But not as much as to-mo-oo-ROOOHHH” Totally in a sarcastic, goofy sort of way. But of course that became “our song” in the end.
Kidding, honey! Actually, it’s

Dude, was that first link supposed to say that? Cause if so, it’s hilarious…and if not, it’s doubly hilarious!

We have a few… sort of a Top 5 situation (according to her, there’s more like 500… we’re going to spend more time fussing over the music at our wedding/reception than any other detail when it gets to that point, I’m sure), but I won’t share all five (or 500).
The Delegation, “Oh Honey”

The Undertones, “Teenage Kicks”

Kindred The Family Soul, “Stars”

Thanks for posting this… it’s sparked an excellent conversation!

This song was one we always sought out together on jukeboxes, but the lyrics do not reflect any part of our lifestyle.

I think this would also qualify as our song, but alas, it’s not available on jukeboxes.

That’s what you get when a cat steps on the keyboard. :smack:

For our one or two year dating anniversary (don’t remember–so long ago) I made a two-disc set, one with ballads and the other with harder rock stuff. So we have at least 30 songs that we immediately associate with our relationship.

This ballad, however, is arguably OUR song; we danced to it at our wedding, and every couple of years when we’re going through a hard time, we’ll pull it out and have a slow dance:

And one from the harder disc, which is also one of our most cherished:

One listen and it takes me back to the beginning, all that uncertainty and excitement and fear and how much courage it takes to love someone.

My girlfriend and I were talking about this just a week or so ago. We don’t have an “our song” and aren’t really interested in getting one.

Ours is Alison Krauss covering “When You Say Nothing at All”

It had always sort of been “our song,” but its status was entrenched when I proposed: I had it playing in the background as I asked her to marry me.

I’ve only had one relationship, and we didn’t have a song, but I assign songs to most people, and one of my best friends is somewhat similar, so we have a song: The Gambler, by Thea Gilmore.

I can’t find it on YouTube, but you can listen to it on*Roll that dice again, again
And once or twice you’ll reel me in
What I’ve got is not what I came for
But I’ll keep coming back for more

Come on lay your head upon my chest
The odds are slim but isn’t that the test
In this game you either bend or break
And I don’t know what kind of mess we’ll make
Come on lay your head upon my chest *

…our friendship is kind of complicated.

We took a long time to come upon one but here it is:

“Emotionally Yours” by Bob Dylan

No. We tried to have a song back in the day (especially around the time I was planning our wedding), but nothing ever really ‘took.’ I miss the thought of it though.

Not really. But a friend of ours asked this question a while ago and we both said simultaneously: “What are you waiting for” by Gwen Stefani.At the time we were dating, I still was in an (open) relationship, and I listened a lot to the song then. The lyrics were sort of an theme song for me to go and try something new, maybe even try for a baby.

(even though the lyrics aren’t about that)

Like a cat in heat, stuck in a moving car
A scary conversation, shut my eyes, can’t find the brake

Who really cares, cause it’s your life
You never know, it could be great
Take a chance cause you might grow

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Take a chance you stupid hoe

Life is short, you’re capable
Oh, ah, oh

Look at your watch now
You’re still a super hot female

What you waiting for

When Mrs. J. and I first starting seeing each other, she would call up the 10 watt college FM radio station where I had a show and request this song.

Sometimes I’d send another one out to her as well.

And later we semi-adopted this song*.
*I tried to get a solo harpist performing at a fancy breakfast buffet to perform this number, but she didn’t know all the chords.