Do people really put mayo on Philly cheese steak sandwiches?

Article today (that I’m not going to bother to find) about the 10 highest calorie Subway sandwiches. #1 was the Philly cheese steak.

Then came this moment when I almost literally heard an audible record scratch…

The author of the article notes the number of calories and adds something like “more if you add mayonnaise”.

Um, WHAT THE FUCK??? :eek:

Is this something that is actually done?

I do. I like mayo on my sammiches. To each his own.

I do it all the time! I lived in Philadelphia most of my life, it was standard at some places if you got a cheese steak hoagie.

Why wouldn’t you?

Been doing it since the late 1950s in Arlington VA.

What? You’d rather put synthetic cheese product on it? :smiley:

It’s never occurred to me, but I’m not from Philly. It’s a bit of gilding the lily to my tastes.

The Philly cheese steaks you can get at Gyro Bob’s cart on the corner in downtown Kent (Ohio) in the middle of the night sure do come with mayo.


Yes, and I’ll put mayo on pastrami!

I put mayo on fruit salad.

::::Contacts the other mods to watch this one:::

Yep. Mayo, mustard, and provolone.

I mostly use mayo on things that would otherwise be dry. But I’m not opposed to mayo on a cheese steak for aesthetic reasons.

Yeah, I tend to use mayo on low-fat type foods, like chicken breast. Pastrami, Philly cheeses, hamburgers, etc., don’t need mayo for me. It’s just too much. I want something acidic (without fat) to cut through all that fat. Even “special sauce” for hamburgers (which is usually a mayo-based thousand island-type concoction) tends to be too much for me, with the exception of In-N-Out, where I’ll allow it.

I know I’m going to touch a nerve with this one, but to me anything with steak and cheese calls out for:


I did warn ya’s.

I really don’t think mayo should be criticized considering an “authentic” cheesesteak thinks actual cheese is hoity toity and so covers itself in cheese what comes from a can.

I put that on hot dogs and such just to spite Chicago’s hotdogmatism.

I’ll put mayo on any savory sandwich.

From a jar, not a can. And Whiz wasn’t on the original cheesesteaks. It’s “authentic” in that it’s a popular and common cheese topping, but many a cheesesteak connoisseur will eschew it, in my experience.

I’ve been known to put mayo on an Italian sub.
Not a ton but I think it adds a little something.

So, sadly enough, some people do put mayo on a “Philly” cheesesteak. Personally, I think it’s terribly wrong.

I find it more perplexing that people call that thing at Subway a “Philly cheese-steak” Sandwich.