Do you feel more likely to identify with celebs/icons who look like you? (Race, body image, etc.)

From time to time on the web, you read about people wishing there were more actors/actresses or models of color or different sizes. For example, I’ve seen people react to people like Crystal Renn like, “Oh, she makes me feel better about myself because she looks more like me, not a size zero model, etc.”

Myself, I’m nonwhite (S. Asian), and I do somehow feel more able to identify with non white icons. It’s not really conscious but a lot of my favorite singers, for example, are black or mixed race (not my exact race, but not white I guess). It’s both that I kind of like them better and that I feel more like I want to know about their lives/learn about them and feel more of a connection.

I’m guessing this is more of an issue if you look a certain way that isn’t commonly depicted in mass culture. I remember we had a thread about Vanity Fair and racism a while back, for example, and a few other people voiced similar opinions.

What do you guys think?

Absolutely. At an even simpler level: as a woman, I am more likely to identify with a celebrity or icon who is a woman in a male-dominated field.

I’ve been told fairly often that I look something like Randy Jackson. Other than being a fan of some Journey songs, I don’t know that I really identify with him in any way. :slight_smile:

Yes, although I’m not sure how deep it runs. It may just be a matter of keeping track of someone’s career (and, okay, hairstyle) because I look like her, or picking one movie over another because it’s got more strong female leads. Beyond that it really comes down to details.

Yep. If i see someone of my Race out there in Hollywood, I tend to relate to them a bit more, even if I don’t look like that. I wish them success.