Do you freeze potatoes?

Suppose I have 30 pounds of potatoes. (I do, in fact. :slight_smile: Good sale.) I have always read to avoid freezing meals that contain potatoes because the potatoes get grainy. I have also always read that you can freeze mashed potatoes, and today I saw directions for home fries (parboil, add onions & peppers, and freeze).
I can store these in the garage for quite a while, but I like to bulk cook when I can and am wondering if freezing mashed potatoes/home fries has worked well for anyone here? I HATE it when I freeze something and it’s not-so-great heated up.

I freeze mashed potatoes. The secret is to use cream cheese when you make them.

I use the Pioneer Woman recipe.

I’ve frozen twice baked potatoes, as mentioned by ENugent the dairy in them makes a difference.

I’m making the Pioneer Woman recipe even as I type. But I might eat all of it myself tonight. :slight_smile:

When I get around to it, I shred potatoes, squeeze the moisture out after a bath in ascorbic acid/water, and freeze them. Seems to work OK – the moisture is a problem IME, though, as is the tainting of the color (hence the ascorbic/Vitamin C/whatever you want to call it).

Thank God I have 25 pounds of potatoes left. Because I’m never, ever going to eat anything BUT PW’s mashed potatoes ever again in my life. Mmmmmmmm. Heaven.
I was only able to freeze 1 quart-sized ziploc because the kids and neighbors and I ate all the rest.

I avoid freezing anything with potatoes in it, like soups or stews, because I don’t care for the texture of the potatoes afterward. I also don’t care for the texture of frozen french fries and the like that you buy at the supermarket, and I will avoid frozen dinners that include non-mashed potato. I know that some restaurants must be using frozen fries but I haven’t noticed textural issues with them, so I don’t know what’s different between them and the supermarket & home-frozen potatoes.

I regularly freeze, left over mashed potatoes. Just regular mashed potatoes.

I just don’t worry about making too many and freeze the leftovers. When I microwave to reheat, I just stop, midway and stir, microwave a bit more. Seems to work perfectly.

It’s great when there is leftovers and gravy, makes for a real quick meal.

Freezing potatoes any other way than mashed has resulted, in my experience, in abject failure. Commercial potatoes, french fries and hash browns and such, are flash frozen in a process we simply can’t do at home. No problem with mashed. I make potato patties, wrap them in cellophane wrap, and take them out of the freezer and fry them in a little butter on each side (while still frozen). Never heard any complaints this way!

I got it. Several cups of bacon, mixed with mashed potatoes – then frozen. Holy shit, who wouldn’t want to eat that (except a vegetarian or a salt-sensitive person, but even then, all things in moderation)?

I do swear shredded potatoes work OK in the freezer, if you have strong hands and can get all the moisture out and don’t let them turn blue from oxidation. It’s so much work I rarely do it, but you could par-bake them to get most of the moisture out of them.