do you get a notification if someone quotes you in their post?

I was reading a thread about Wikipedia over in IMHO that started in February, died off, then at the time had only one very recent post to it.

In my follow-up question, I double-quoted two members (one being Northern Piper) and BAM - within seconds, there was Northern Piper, responding and fighting my ignorance.

It piqued my curiosity - I “get” that you can and do receive notifications of further posts in whatever threads that you’ve posted in (and sure, you can turn those notifications off if you wish - but that’s beside the point).

Excuse the ridiculous question, but do you also get notifications when someone “quotes” you? If not, that seems like that’d be sort of a cool feature.

Sorta, yeah, but probably not the way you’re thinking.
First, it could have just been a total coincidence, so let’s not rule that out.

Regarding a notification, this board has two options (one is an email) that will let you know every time a thread you’ve posted to gets a new post. This would include you being quoted. Not by design, just because of the fact that being quoted in a thread means a thread you’ve posted to has a new post.
As a side note: If someone quotes you and posts that quote in a different thread, you wouldn’t get the notification.
I’m including hitting the USER CP button regularly in that scenario.

Lastly, doing some quick math, NP posts here 50x more than you and for 12 years longer. I have no idea how much time you spend on the dope, but she (she?) is likely here more. She’s makes 4 posts per day to your 1 every 10 days. So it’s also possible she (she?) just happened to hit New Posts and saw that one.

My guess is that she’s subscribed to the thread and happened to hit the User CP button at the top, coincidentally very soon after you quoted her.

And again, there’s no specific notification that you’ve been quoted*, just that a thread your subscribed to has been updated. Many (a lot) of us started subscribing to all threads we post to (it’s a setting) way back when they backed the search interval to 5 minutes (is that how long it was at the beginning). Before that, you’d just do a [vanity] search for your name to see if you were quoted.

*She? That’s what I have in my head, don’t know why.

*I suppose one could set up a Google Alert, but I really doubt that’s the case.

The simple answer is no. The fact that you quoted Northern Piper has nothing to do with his responding to your post.

It’s easy enough to test this by quoting yourself in a new post.

The board has no way to know that you’re being quoted. For example:

Did I just quote your OP, or did I quote any one of the myriad other instances of someone saying those two words?

Actually, if the quote includes the link back to your post (like I just did here), then the board does in fact have a way to know a person is being quoted.

I post on another message board as well, and I get an alert and/or notification every time someone quotes me.