Ghost quotation attribution

Got a flag (notifications) and email about being quoted in a thread. But I have never even read that thread before and no trace of a quotation from me when I checked it.
A one-off oddity or a some issue with my account?

Probably a post from a sock who has been banned again, and the post wished to the cornfield.

As to this part:

A post of yours in one thread can be quoted in another. So the fact you hadn’t previously read, or posted in, a thread says nothing about whether you might be quoted in it.

As to the rest of your Q, the most likely answer is already posted above.

I know quotes can cross between threads ( Mark Twain gets quoted a lot and he hasn’t even got an account :grinning:), just meant that I had no other association with it.

The notification and the email went direct to a post, and that had no quote from me.

So the suggestion is that someone created an account, made a post with an irrelevant quotation from me (never posted anything even vaguely to do with the thread subject matter), then got banned and the post deleted?

Yes, probably. That’s the most likely explanation.

Presumably, your notification shows the username of the person that quoted you. Look at that person’s profile. You’ll probably find him banned. Likely his profile will show zero posts.

No, the poster is not banned and joined a few months ago and still posting. No reason to assume any issue. And the point is I wasn’t quoted, even though I was notified.
The link is
Notification link
And the email had the same content as the post.

Maybe just an odd glitch in the board DB

That was a posting error on my part. I read and post on my phone, which can be awkward sometimes. I had something quoted in one thread, but then closed the window, either to finish later or because I though better of posting the reply. When I made the post you linked, the quote and partial reply was added to it, but I didn’t notice until after I hit the post button. I immediately edited it out, but of course the notification couldn’t be stopped. Sorry about that.

ETA: I joined a couple of years ago.

OK, thanks, “mystery” solved!

Maybe we need a button to “unquote” someone :wink:

I’ll be more careful, but if it happens again, I’ll leave a note to the person whose quote I’m erasing!

I blame your username. A quotation is there and not there while a post is not being looked at.



not true

Funny but despite my semi- pooh-poohing your report in post 3 here in this thread I had something similar occur yesterday.

A “somebody quoted you” notification appeared under my avatar. But when I followed it the post in question had no mention of me. And what that poster had written wouldn’t really follow from what I had recently written in that thread.

A little mystifying, but primed by this thread I shrugged and went on.

I do know PMs work the same way. I have those set to fire an email to me as well. The email is sent on the initial save of the message and is not resent if the message is edited thereafter.

So what I see in the email I receive and what the post looks like after the other person has polished it are two different things.

It could be that someone quoted you, then edited out the quote within the default 5 minute editing grace period.

Yes, see further up, reply from the “quoter” eschrodinger.