Do you get your hair cut so you look good naked?

You see, some people have hair that looks good while in clothes, but would appear to look stupid when they’re naked. Some people have hair that looks good when they’re naked and when they’re clothed. At some point they had to make a determination.

My question to you is: did you get your hair cut specifically to look good when you’re naked, or is that not important? Does your hair look good when you’re naked, or does it throw off your game?

I ask because…never mind.

Personally, I got about two weeks after getting a haircut before it starts to look silly. Forutnatley, I ain’t got anyone that need impressing, otherwise I might be in a bind…


Is this really a concern for a significant proportion of people? I can’t wait to find out.

For this to actually work wouldn’t you have to be naked at the barber/stylist so they could best gauge how to cut your hair?

I’m sitting here trying, really trying, yet I can’t think of a single example of a haircut or style that looks significantly different if one’s naked. :confused:

I do, however, pick up blind dates because it helps me look better naked. :smiley:

Do you mean the hair on top of your head?

Not necessarily. There are certain haircuts that you know just won’t work: combovers, afros, perms, etc.

I can see **Chairmans ** point. I’ve always called it the difference between “office hair” and “casual hair”. Hair, like shoes, determines the style of the rest of the outfit.

Office hair, as I picture it, is stiff, modern, professional. Think hairspray, and short sporty do’s. But casual hair is the real me.
If I wore office hair while in in my favourite clothes, or naked, I would feel out of place. In my fav clothes, or naked, I literally “let my (mid-back) hair down”.
In the office, I just put my hair up or in a neat formal ponytail.
So, as a woman, long hair solves that dilemma.

I’m surprised guys would have any thoughts about this. I’d thought it was just the choice between jeans-sneakers-casual or suit-neat-comfotrable-shoes for guys. And a short hairdo to fit both.

Well, yes actually. I keep my hair long even though I’m getting a little old for it because it looks dead sexy when it’s down and my husband loves it.

It’s a pain for every day wear though, so I usually keep it in some boring version of ponytail or bun. Often I think “bleah” when I catch a glance in the mirror, but when I take it down and I’m naked I’m always grateful I’ve kept it.

I’ve never heard of this. How can a lack of clothes make a hairstyle less attractive?

And in case my question didn’t give it away - no, I don’t. Of course, I wouldn’t look good naked in any hairstyle so it’s a moot point for me.

“Bed Hair” looks sexy if you’re naked. Like you just had great sex. But if you’re in public with bed hair, people will think you just woke up and were too hungover to comb it.

I have never even considered this…

When I need a haircut I just go get it cut, I don’t spend time analyzing what outfits, or lack of outfits, my hair will go with!

I’m with you ponderer, the biggest bang for your buck in hair grooming in order to look good naked is not the crop on top of your head.

I tend to cut my hair while drunk, naked, and in the bathtub. So by default, I cut my hair so it looks good while I’m naked. Well. Naked and drunk.

My ex is over visiting me in Scotland and keeps mentioning the popularity of this haircut. It’s a very common look among young guys (like me). I think it looks pretty good (not on all guys obviously). There are the extreme bed head cases though, where it just looks ridiculous.

…and, I suppose, sometimes I am just too hungover to comb my hair…student life, y’know…

I was thinking this as well as it may be time to resurect my ‘testicle waxing’ thread soon as I’ve nearly accumulated enough ‘thatch’ to get my boys waxed.

My experience when I was in dating mode was that if I were with a naked woman I might, just might, mind you, notice if she had hair on her head.

In regard to me, the only hair style that would improve my looks when naked would be something like Cousin It’s hair on the Adams Family.


Unfortunately, I cant seem to get a haircut that will look good when I am nekkid, cos whenever I try to strip in the parlor to see if the haircut is ok, the barber threatens to call the cops.
Sadly, I have to do withe the nekkig executive look :frowning:

Actually, I time my naked to go with my haircuts.

It would take a lot more than a haircut for me to look good naked.

In the name of science, are there any Doper stylists who’d be willing to give me a trim while naked? It’d be interesting to see if I come out with the same 'do as usual… :wink: