How should I wear my hair to the office?

I work in an office. It’s not quite a “suits every day” office, but it’s not far from one either. I am a very snappy dresser.

But my hair isn’t. Wearing it down seems unruly, so I put it in a ponytail or in a half-assed banana clip updo. But honestly it’s not really professional or attractive. FWIW, my hair is straight-wavy, just below my shoulders, and on the thin-fine side.

I see great hairstyles on others, but they all seem to rely on thick, luxurious hair, which I don’t have. I’ve seen some really cool updo tutorials online, but all that I’ve seen skew young and casual.

Do you have a favorite office hairstyle? Know of any relevant tutorials?

Do you have a really good stylist? Good cuts produce the appearance of “thick, luxurious hair”. A fantastic stylist figures out what works with your hair.

The problem is that a good stylist is really expensive and you need to go back every 6-8 weeks, both of which can be a challenge with an infant.

Wear it in a bun, with chopsticks stuck in it. Then, use the chopsticks at lunch, washing them before and after. I’m a guy, but that’s what I’d do.

My hair is straight, but thin. I tend to do a roll, so start with a ponytail, then twist and twist and pull up then tuck the end back under the roll, and use bobby pins to secure.


I use wonderbuns, which I buy from Pike Pl. Market in Seattle:

They work best with hair slightly longer than shoulder-length, in my experience.

You can never go wrong with the classic look.

A precise bob?

Just do yourself a favor and DO NOT get a stack. You know what I mean. This haircut is outdated and is not flattering on anyone and needs to go away. Please join me in stopping people from getting stacked haircuts. I think the real problem is: it requires some skill to cut and most stacked bobs end up looking like some freshly minted style school graduate just hacked at the back of your hair while you were sleeping. Also, I think people ask for it to add volume or body and their hair texture really, really doesn’t work with the style as well as people think it does. Besides, you only see you from the front 95% of the time, so you might as well just get a simple bob, none of that stacked asymmetric nonsense.

If you have thin fine hair, shoulder length is too long.

When you are out and about, look for people with short hair that you like. Politely stop them and ask for the name of their stylist.

Go get your hair cut by that stylist. If you don’t like that one, or that cut, grow it out for a few months and try the next name on the list. Tell them that you need a ‘wash and go’ style and that you don’t want to use lots of product or spend much time.

They will most likely cut it to a bob or long bob length, cut some fine layers into it to give the illusion of thickness, and you’ll be good to go.

If you are willing to go as short as a pixie cut, you can ask the stylist to give you a ‘long term’ cut so you can go in less often. They don’t like to do so for obvious reasons, but a good layered pixie can transition to a decent bob as long as you keep the ends trimmed and your hair around your face trimmed and styled.

How I agree! Thanks for posting the name of that all too common and mostly poorly executed haircut.

Here are a couple of ideas to peruse.

No, do not follow Kayaker’s advice: that geisha look is way too “last century”. :smiley:

Just you wait; it’s a look due for a return. I’m ahead of y’all!:stuck_out_tongue:

I had to try to remember what you are talking about - my husband and I have been calling that “The Mom Bob” for so long. :smiley:

I think this is a nice work hairstyle.

This is also good.

You don’t want overly-styled club hair (like you’ve spent two hours curling, teasing, hairspraying, etc.), you don’t want a casual, messy look like you just rolled out of bed, you don’t want a really fussy updo like you just came from a wedding - your hair should look clean and under control. A pony tail is almost there - it just needs a bit of style added in. :slight_smile:

Reason #4,279 that I’m glad I’m not a woman. Seriously, y’all have waaaayyyy too much to deal with everyday. I do not know how you do it. Wash, towel dry, and 8 - 10 swipes with a comb and I’m suit ready. Or business casual ready. Or going out ready. Or playing sports ready.

I have always wondered how MEN do it. Crisp white shirt…tie…suit jacket and pressed slacks…shoe shine…

Most business women can get away with wearing just about anything.

Sing it. And…you can wear wear the same underwear with each of those outfits.

I’m 45 and have given up ever knowing how to wear my hair. It’s thick (starting to thin), and I had a grey streak for many years, but now it’s just salt and peppery. It’s wavy/curly depending on humidity and product. I’m not handy with hairstyling, but even if I were I don’t think I’d know what style I should be doing. When I win Powerball I will have pro color and frequent cuts, but that’s not happening in my current reality.

I’ve spent fortunes on good stylists, bad stylists, all kinds of stylists. No matter the haircut, it always looks the same after a couple weeks.

A mom-bob is not an option. I had short hair for most of my life, but once I got old enough to cross from “sprightly young pixie cut” to “soccer mom,” I went longer.

You have my full support!

My husband recently suggested I get my hair cut like that. Fortunately, I learned long ago to ignore all his ideas about women’s hair. I politely intimated that I would sooner have dreadlocks than get my hair stacked, and he looked all hurt and said, “You’d look like Posh Spice!”

Ha ha ha…no. :smiley:

I’ve pretty much had the same hair style since I was 10 years old. It went from parted on the side, like one of the Brady kids, to parted in the middle John Lennon style.

It’s good to be male.

Of course it’s shorter now.

How about a French braid?

I know you want to avoid breakage as well, which is tough when you have fine hair that you don’t want touching your face. Been there.
My suggestion is to pull it back in a barrette on either side, then up into a ponytail. The barrettes polish the ponytail look. If you still don’t like a tail to hang down, take a third barrette and clip the tail in half underneath itself. Or if it will hold a curl, put on large curl in the tail and that will make it look more professional whether you’ve pulled the sides up or not.
I hate the stacked cut w/ a passion, I call it the ‘dead bird splattered to the back of the head’ style. It is HUGE here in Utah. I weep.