Do you have an opinion about Clear wireless internet?

I am currently paying about $200 for home internet, cable and land line from time warner. I am thinking of getting rid this and going with Clear while they have a promotion in my area (Austin) for $75/month for life. I realize that I won’t have cable tv anymore, but aren’t there ways to connect my computer to my TV to watch web based tv, such as AppleTV? Does anyone have experience with Clear?


I got Clear when I moved because I really didn’t want to go with Comcast. Luckily, I had a local rep who was willing to come out and test the signal in my house before I committed. This was particularly important for me, as my house is on the very edge of all of the surrounding tower signals.

I never got better than 3 out of 5 bars signal, but I was okay with that. It was slower than advertised, but nearly as fast as my previous provider. However, I discovered that the signal is very sensitive to weather. If it rained, I had no internet. I doubt that the service completely goes out for most customers when it rains, but it probably does slow a bit.

For me, it was just too unreliable so I begrudgingly got Comcast. I haven’t really tried out the mobile receiver since most of the places I would use it have wireless already.

So all you would have is wireless internet? No cable TV or phone service? (I assume you’d use your cell)

I only have Time Warner’s cable internet, it’s only $43.95/mo ($2 off/mo because I have my own modem). What is the monthly price in Austin??