Do you know any clever breakup techniques?

Anyone have any interesting ways of avoiding the inevitable tears, door-slamming, and five-hour Dr. Phil-style conversations going nowhere? No, I don’t need answer fast. :slight_smile:

The best one I saw was in college even though I was the target - I was in denial about some girl cutting off communication and wrote a few earnest/pathetic letters to her until she answered “Keep sending me these letters. I love getting them, they are so funny”. That made the point in such a clever way that I couldn’t even be mad.

Just slip out the back, Jack.

A favorite way of guys I knew in college was to start sleeping with her friend and let her find out. Then she’d dump you, but you were stuck with her friend.

I can’t say I found the approach courageous or ethical

I slept with the girls brother…

But I’m not gay…OTOH hand I hate drama so it was kinda a wash…

Call Vito the hitman?

Man (or woman) up and tell them the truth.

Trust me, in the past I’ve always taken the straight-honesty approach leading to maximum drama whether I wanted to or not. :wink: Hope to never be in that position again, but some people out there apparently know how to be really smooth about it.

Substitute mother for friend. You won’t be stuck with anyone.

Fake your own death.

Jesus loves you more than you will know.

Whoa whoa whoa.

The Michael Kelso approach:

  1. Have a friend tell him/her you’re dead;

  2. If s/he sees you, tell him/her you’re a ghost.

throw all their stuff out on the lawn, change the locks and your phone number, and then go on a two-week vacation.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me embarrassed to be a human being.

Homer Simpson: Dear Baby. Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You.

Clever ways? Nope. How about just being honest?
It goes something like this: “I can no longer go out with you because _____.”

As far as the: “inevitable tears, door-slamming, and five-hour Dr. Phil-style conversations going nowhere” I don’t know what to tell you. Not all break-ups have to end like that.

Shit in his/her bed at the moment of climax. When they shriek ''You shit in the bed when you came!" – look genuinely puzzled and say “Doesn’t everybody?” Worked for me.

Nah- heard it in a movie. Where’s Poppa, I think.

This is why all the folks who do stuff online just go dead silent. When your texts and calls don’t get returned, consider yourself dumped. It avoids lots of whining & pleading.

Seems pretty uncivilized to me, but we have threads and threads on this.

You’re not gay, but your other other hand was kind of into it?

Make a new plan, Stan

No need to be coy, Roy.