"Do you like to party?" If someone asks you this question what are they really asking you?

Per this threadthe topic came up of what it actually means when someone asks you “Do you like to party?”

In my opinion it’s almost always a question asking if you like to use drugs. Some think it’s less specific than that.

If you are approached at a bar or social function and someone asks you this question what does it mean to you?

I always translate it as “Do you do drugs?”

IME, it’s almost always refered to marijuana or casual sex, depending a bit on the context (ok, usually casual sex + weed, but still).

Sex ‘n’ drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are all my brain and body need.

To me, it means, “Do you like to use drugs and alcohol enough to become impaired.”

Yup, drugs.

If a guy asks a gal, it means sex with or without drugs/booze.

Phrased like that, it means “do you do/want coke?,” at least most of the time. Thats the more specific “definition,” though surely it could be used for other drugs. [I suppose sex too, if said to the opposite sex. Likely sex and coke. ;)]

FWIW I googled “do you like to party” and found this on the first page: http://onlineslangdictionary.com/definition+of/party . First result mentions cocaine. And yes, I looked hoping that wasn’t just my experience and the crowd I knew.

Contextual. In general it would involve drinking and or drugs if you are both the same sex [like 2 guys or 2 girls, or in a fairly large group in public] if it is in a more intimate setting, it would probably be sex in combination with drugs or booze.

In that other thread, I would have read it as sharing drugs and possibly a bit of being hit on for sex, but mainly drugs. He may have been looking to buy drugs. Frequently people will smoke up outside instead of inside so the place doesn’t smell of weed.

I’d say drugs - in fact on gay hookup sites there is generally a box saying “do you party?” and the answers are contextually for drugs, so it’s clearly a pretty common usage.

It’s not just drugs, IMO, but drugs in a social situation. The guy who tokes up by himself doesn’t necessarily “like to party.”

Also, I think it depends on how you say it. A guy or girl with shifty eyes: drugs. A girl acting all seductive: sex. A guy with that wolf-look? Sex. A person on a microphone with a band? The music’s about to get loud and/or awesome (after a little audience response).

The one thing it never seems to have is it’s literal meaning, except in black/white comedy skits.

Depend on context. Are you in Soviet Russia?

It means, “Would you like to do drugs with me/do you have any drugs we could do together,” with the added option of “and would you have sex with me after” if the gender combo is appropriate.

Caveat: BigT’s comment about a rocker yelling to a crowd - “we’re about to start and hope you show appreciation of our music/this particular song is really loud.”

Depending on context, it’s either “Do you buy drugs?” or “Do you sell sex?”

Huh. I must move in entirely the [del]wrong[/del]right crowd. To me, it would mean “Would you like to go to a venue that plays much more dance-oriented music than the background noisewe are currently listening to?” or “Do you know of a good example of such a venue?” If someone wanted to know if I wanted to do drugs, they’d ask directly, something like “Want to get high?” or “Want a puff?” or “Have any weed on you?” or “Are you still carrying Ritalin as I know is your want?”. Ditto casual sex - I’ve had both “Want to go back to my place” and “Want to go somewhere and fuck” many times, never been asked if I want to “party”.

Of course, I’d say no to drugs (except the Ritalin…) and casual sex, but I’m always up for dancing, so this might be my own projection onto my environment.

Drugs or prostitution, depending on the context.

Pretty much always drugs, usually coke or meth.

Back in the day it meant “Do you smoke pot/get high?”

I think I’ve heard it used on Cops as a come on from a hooker to a john.

IM (former) E it meant “Hey man, do you get high?” (i.e. weed); a subtle way of asking a new acquaintance at work or school.