Do you pee in the shower?(May be TMI)

I’ve never peed in the shower, I don’t think it’s ever crossed my mind. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

But, [slight hijack] I had a roommate that was absolutly disgusted with the fact that I brush my teeth in the shower. His view was “your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body.” Maybe so, but I wash my ass in there too, and that didn’t bother him. I kept brushing my teeth in the shower, just made sure not to leave my toothbrush in there. [/hijack]


umm…isn’t that last statement a bit redundant? Or am I misunderstanding something basic?

It’s more amusing to fart in a bath tub. Instant whirlpool bath :smiley:

Yeah, I pee in the shower. I’m female, I aim for the drain. Dunno if hubby knows I pee in the shower or not (I’ve never made a point of telling him). But at any rate, he’s not the type that would be disgusted by it. I don’t know if he pees in the shower, but he probably does. Doesn’t bother me. Plumbing is plumbing, so unless he’s peeing in the kitchen sink while there are dishes in it, doesn’t matter to me at all.

Quote from I don’t remember who:

“What’s the definition of a schmuck? A guy who gets out of the shower to pee.”

I must say I have to agree with this statement.

I am a male.

I don’t pee in the shower. But years ago, when my sister and I were small enough so that we could shower together, she always did. And somehow, I could always tell. It used to piss me off. :slight_smile:

I’m super-morbidly obese so it just runs down my leg. None are the wiser.

Unless I just stepped on a jellyfish I don’t pee in the shower. I also wash my hands after I go to the bathroom so maybe it’s related to the perception of urine.

Something for you efficiency oriented people to consider: when you pee you create a fine mist of droplets that go everywhere. Same thing happens when you flush. I use those little chlorine pucks in my toilet tank and I shut the lid when I flush (well I try anyway).

I pee in the shower. I pee in the public shower. I pee in every shower I use. I actually wrote an essay in high school about the benefits of urinating in the shower.

Personally, on the question of a shared shower, I find no problem with others peeing there; so long as they are not targetting the soap or shampoo.

So many golden showers.

I pee in the shower. I have peed in the bathroom sink. I have peed in the kitchen sink. I have used bathtubs as stand-up urinals. I pee in public places (outdoors). Once, I even peed while walking down the sidewalk on Commonwealth Ave in Boston.

I am (obviously) male.

Yes it is. I like redundancy.

I take dump in the shower, I need to save on the toilet paper.

That’s fine. Just make sure that you mush it all down the drain with your feet before anyone else needs to take a bath.


That should’ve read why is it obvious?

As long as y’all don’t pee in the pool, you are welcomed anytime. Well except for you nonpolar. Sorry buddy but ain’t nobody that shits in the tub or shower coming to my house. Try shitting in the toilet and then taking a shower if you’re out of t-p. Otherwise… :eek:

Rather than waste 1.5G for a flush, I multitask: shampoo, pee, shave, shower in any order that suits the mood of the day. After all, it’s my bathroom to clean in the first place.

Regarding the WhizMist argument-it’s the shower, mmmkay? I knew someone who insisted on new towels every time she showered because “It touches your butt.”

If you did a good wash job, sista-that towel will be streak-free. :smiley:

Dw/C multi-tasking is fine. I do the same myself. But shittin in the tub ain’t one of 'em. Sorry can’t go there bud.
BTW try gettin sis some brown towels. :smiley:

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

That reminds me. I had a friend growing up who had an indoor pool. Before you went in there was a sign that read:

“Welcome to our OOL.
Notice there’s no P in it