Do you say anything about the unvaccinated?

I’m much the same.

Cannot understand the mindset of these folks.

“Nobody can tell me what to do!”
< dies >

Congratulations dude! You certainly showed them!

A lot of these folks have a hard time comparing a “one in a million adverse effect” to a “two in a hundred VERY adverse effect”. What they’re looking for is a “none in a million adverse effect” - and it’s a small step from there to rejecting anything that forces them to make the comparison.

All they know is that THEY’RE doing fine up to now. (And maybe, they’ve been infected and been one of the lucky ones.)

These people are afraid. Not of the needle - but afraid to do anything that puts them at risk, however miniscule. For them - it’s easier to disbelieve.

I have a friend who has an absolute massive phobia of needles (trauma related, I won’t relate the story here). So she hasn’t had her jabs, and I don’t know when I’ll see her in person again. She’s also got much more ink than me. I can’t quite reconcile those two facts.

Wow. I think that’s going to roll around in my brain for a while now.

There was a comment in another thread - people were bribing doctors in Greece to give them a shot of saline and then sign them off as having the vaccine. But the doctors were taking the bribes and ADMINISTRATING THE VACCINES.


I often uncharitably characterize this as “Better that a thousand strangers should die than I be minorly inconvenienced” but the reality is that - for whatever reason - they just don’t want to get vaccinated, and like most people retroactively justify their actions by crafting a mental narrative that puts them in the best possible light.

This has cheered me up immensely.

This. There are many people who will never be convinced to change there minds about vaccination because it means that at one point they were wrong. And there minds just cannot accept the reality that they were ever wrong, especially when many people are pointing out that they were wrong. It just backs them into a corner. To them its easier to except two other outcomes, they get Covid and survive which they feel vindicates them. Or they get Covid and die in which case so don’t have to deal with it anymore. They are betting that they will be in the larger group that survives while being ignorant about the other possible long term issues that go along with contacting the disease.

I was just at the dentist’s. I never have any problem w/ dentists, but was discussing w/ him the use of nitrous, Xanax, etc for sensitive patients. People get MRIs w/ sedation.

Yeah, I know there is no rational explanation for irrational fears, but a fear of needles sure seems like something that could be managed.

I really, really want this to be true. Anyone got a link?

I would never knowingly associate with someone like that. It’s a moral issue, some behavior is so repugnant, it automatically gets you blacklisted from my life.

They’ll just blame their long term debilitating symptoms on other people.

Doctors in Greece taking bribes and giving vaccines anyway…

Try a web search on “vaccine bribe doctor greece”.

I just did that and noticed that one site, alas, says it’s not reliable.

My landlady honestly believes that the covid vaccine is the Mark of the Beast. I’ve discussed this at length here on the Dope:

And there’s no reasoning someone down from that position. She also believes Dr. Fauci ought to be in prison for “whatever it is he’s done”. So I guess she and my landlord are in full “fuck around and find out” mode, so I’ve just stopped trying to convince them to get the vaccine. I’d have better luck knocking down a wall by slamming my head against it repeatedly. (At least then, I might occasionally make a dent).