Do you think YOU could find someone via the web to meet IRL ?

Just checking. I think most people in major cities can see that as possible.

But is it possible for YOU?

Perhaps you live 90 miles from a city.
Or perhaps the city you live near is so huge that finding someone on the other side of it might as well be finding a pen pal on the moon.


It is called a DopeFest.

I have and did.

I did…twice

First one there was an odd back story that caused us to call it quits a month after meeting for a week…long weird story

The second woman I lived with for over a year after meeting her online playing a game and while we broke up in the end I don’t regret taking the chance to get to know her

I have several times in Virginia Beach and Jacksonville. Met my fiancee there, as a matter of fact. If I was still looking, I’m sure I could find someone here in Maine.

Oh hell yeah!!! I’ve met about 75 folks that I knew online IRL. A handful in my neck of the woods (10 or 15) and around 60 from all parts of the US and some folks from overseas.

With one exception all GREAT people, very real, very much IRL as they were online, except of course more “there” more lively as can be expected.

I’ve dated men from all over the country too, met a few, dated one for about 6 months. It ended for reasons other than it being an online thing.

I don’t know why so many people always act as if online relationships are so “weird” or “not real”.

Hell, it’s nothing new at all!! It’s been going on for hundreds of years!!! (okay, not the computer part :D).

Back “in the day” there were mail order brides, and as recently as WWI and II, penpals fell in love with their penpals and later met and married.

The only difference between this, and that, is the pretty blinking lights. Oh, and this is quite a bit faster than the pony express.

I think that in a lot of ways, internet dating is superior to meeting someone by chance, dating, lusting, having sex etc, blah blah blah.

One is forced to really get to know the other person. imho, It’s kindof hard to fake who you are for very long at a time, when you have to use this medium. And distractions such as someone’s looks, or lack thereof, are a moot point as well. (not that looks are a bad thing).

Anyway, that’s just mho.

What Bill said. I have met many close friends (including one I’m engaged to) via the internet.

I met my significant other online, and he lives here, but he’s the reason I live here, so I won’t count him… So really, probably not. There doesn’t seem to be much of a community presence on the internet for this town. I wish there were - I’d love to get to know people without having to go out and walk up to complete strangers to talk!

Never had trouble meeting women in “RL”… did it online through sheer boredom, and it just so happened that the girls I met online were generally smarter and equally good-looking- definitely a yes.

I even recommend it to my friends, although I still catch a lot of flak for it.

Of course.

Sure. I’ve probably met about 30 people on the net who I’ve then gone on to meet in person. About 15 of these live in the same city as me (well, same city as I go to uni in and live close to). The rest have lived in various places, many of them in different countries (the furthest away being Australia, although we met in Washington DC).

It’s generally been a good experience, although in some cases it worked less well than others. I’ve liked all of them, although one online relationship didn’t survive meeting in person (we’re still friends though).