dodgers huge trade
Seems to me that they decided after almost getting to the WS in 17 and getting there and not winning in 18 they decided these guys had gone as far as they could go in la

There’s discussion already underway in the Hot Stove thread -

Seems like the Dodgers, purely on a player-skill basis, got hosed. Yeah, Bailey will get released. But the other two prospects involved aren’t nearly what LA gave up, especially with the extra money they sent to Cincinnati.

It’s gotta be a salary dump for the Dodgers. They needed payroll relief and an outfield position open if they want to seriously pursue Bryce Harper.

I’m surprised the Reds did this move, unless they plan on trading one or both somewhere else. Or maybe they’ve already ceded the division, and want to hang on to Kemp and Puig for a possible trade-deadline move for prospects.