Does anyone else dislike mixing meats?

Or am I the only one? I scrupulously avoid hotdogs made with chicken and pork. I buy all beef Hebrew Nationals or Nathans or something equally high quality. I don’t like meatballs that mix beef and pork. I don’t like weird as hell crap like duck stuffed inside chicken stuffed inside more duck. Or Chicken Cordon Bleu. Jesus yeck.

There’s just something about the idea of mincing together various animals that stunts my appetite.

Wrong post

It’s the concept, I think. As I say, there’s just something about the idea of mincing various animals that stunts my appetite. (Incidentally, quality hot dogs use quality cuts of meat.)


The hell? Lest I seem more crazy than I am, I was answering your post before you deleted it. It asked me whether it was the concept that bothered me or the actual taste of individual meats.

I don’t get that.

Just Sunday I made a roast chicken stuffed with pork sausagemeat - it’s a traditional British stuffing, you see. And surf ‘n’ turf is great too.

But I do have a hangup about eating eggs and chicken at the same time. No idea why.

I don’t have any problem with mixing meats. Hell, I eat way too many sausages for that to be a problem. And bacon is good with anything: chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, steak wrapped in bacon, hot dogs wrapped in bacon…
But I will admit that I buy Shofar or Hebrew National franks. Nothing beats a kosher dog.

I’ve never had a problem with the concept. Of course, barring hot dogs, it doesn’t come up much. I know that meatloaf and meatballs are supposed to be more succulent with pork or whatever added, but I was raised by folks who thought that adding a little chili powder to the spaghetti sauce (made with tomato sauce and tomato paste) was daring and spicy.

If I had trouble with the mental image of slicing animal flesh, I’d go vegetarian. Not that I have any trouble with other people avoiding mixing meats.

Wrapped in BACON?

It does sound a bit…contradictory, doesn’t it?

I don’t mind mixed meats, but I do find myself eating them separately (if possible) by bite. In a TurDuckEn, I have separate bites of turkey, chicken, and duck. If I’m having game (sweet, sweet Venison!), I always eat it separately, so I can get the taste.

In a meatloaf or hotdog (Vienna, for me), I have no such choice, and no problems. If it’s a sausage, same.

Oddly enough, I am a staunch separatist when it comes to my plate and my side dishes. The peas can NOT mix with the mashed potatoes, gravy shall not depart from the mashed-tater caldera, and if there are green beans involved…they stay with the other green beans.

Liberal…how do you handle a gyro…run the other way? :slight_smile:


Yes, and split down the middle, filled with one slice of sharp cheddar cheese.

It’s a Frank-o-cheezie, and it is the proverbial “bomb”.


I don’t like mixed meats either. Processed meat needs to be 100% beef or 100% pork. I guess I don’t like processed meat products in general, except for kosher hotdogs or a good bratwurst. Although I occasionally like braunsweiger, but have to be drunk enough to not think about what might be in it.

Except for the pork and shrimp dimsum. That is so good. (And so non-kosher; good thing I’m not Jewish. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Bacon Cheesburger. I rest my case.

You don’t even have sandwiches with mixed meat? Or pizza? It depends with me. I like to mix meats and cheeses for nice fresh deli sandwiches, and I used to love Super Supreme pizza, but I can’t eat it anymore because my IBS doesn’t agree with it. (I have the kind where if the food is too greasy or spicey it can leave me with painful cramps, and sometimes gives me “the trots”. Usually cramps though.) I’m also fond of gyros, and proper filet mignon, wrapped with bacon, or by itself.

A what? My eyes are refusing to focus on the word following “a” and preceeding “…run”. :smiley:

No, you’re not crazy, I deleted it because after re-reading your OP I somehow missed the last line where you said it was “just the idea” that bothered you, so you had already answered the question I was asking. My apologies, I thought I deleted it before it could have possbily been read, but I guess not.

Right. No ham and turkey subs. No pepperoni.

Who said ham and turkey? :wink: Roast beef, and maybe salami with cheddar or gouda. Or turkey and salami with extra sharp swiss. Or, roast beef and cheddar, with smoked turkey and provolone and a good mustard. Also roast beef with provolone, and smoked turkey with sharp swiss and good mustard is good. Mmmmm! (ETA: Those sandwiches are rare treat biggest meal of the day occaisions for me, btw. Very rare treat. Haven’t had one in a couple years, cause the deli is out of town.)

To each their own, I guess. You don’t like those things, I do. :slight_smile: So long as you don’t pitch a fit if you should see someone eating mixed meats and demand they stop it’s cool. But just as you think people who don’t like something you find tastey are missing out, we think you are. But it’s your mouth, and your tastes so we can’t really judge.

Great Good Morning! This means that you can’t/won’t eat the following:

[li]Jimmy John’s #5: “The Italian” (Mortadella, Salami, Pepperoni, etc.)[/li][li]Gyro (yum…lamb, pork, and I think beef pieces in delicious strip-form!)[/li][li]Usinger Bratwurst: Liberal, if you ever make it over to Chicago, I will personally heal your obviously-ill brain with this mixed-meat classic![/li][li]Head Cheese: Um…OK this now seems rational.[/li][/ol]

All Hail the Universe of delicious Meat Products!


Or “gyros” as it’s known around here by the Greek name. And a gyros can be anything from single meat to a mixture of meats. Some of the nicer Greek restaurants around here have 100% lamb gyros cones. Kronos, the main supplier of gyros around here, has a pure beef and a beef-lamb mixture. I’ve also had gyros made from 100% veal (in Hungary) as well as 100% turkey.

So it’s not always a mix of meats. If my taste buds are to be believed, lamb-less, all-beef gyros spits are much more common around Chicago than you’d think.

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