Does anyone remember this old commercial?

Okay, my friends all say I’m crazy, that this would never be on TV, but I swear I remember it.

Years ago I saw an ad for one of those inflatable mattresses. In the ad, they were saying how great it would be to take it on acamping trip, and how easy ti was to fill with this special attachment. The attachment was a sort of funnel attached to a tube. The idea was taht you’d start your car and hold the funnel over the exhaust pipe, filling your air mattress with sweet sweet carbon monoxide. For an especially deep sleep, I imagine, should the mattress spring a leak.

No one else I know ever saw this, and I’ve no doubt the thing probably only aired briefly before someone with a brain pointed out to the company that this was a sub-optimal way to fill a mattress. Does anyone else remember this? I can’t imagine making it up because I’ve no idea under what circumstances I would make it up.

I do remember this one. It was one of those cheapo commercials on local TV. The mattress was blue, right?


Bumping for the Monday morning crowd.

I don’t remember a mattress, but I remember that there was a company offering a “jack” that consisted of a bag that was inflated with exhaust.

I remember the jack. I thought it was pretty cool.