Does anyone see cars' faces?

The Mitsubishi Triton is angry. Very, very angry.

I give you the Toothless Old Man Car!

And it has a handlebar mustache.

That thing looks like a Decepticon.

not just cars, but most anything that has enough to make at least the eyes and a mouth…

freaked out car

I see faces in the fronts to some degree, but what has always struck me is that there’s one kind of minivan, I’m not sure what kind, whose rear looks just like the face of a panda bear. I think I noticed it in the early 90’s, so I don’t see this particular minivan very frequently anymore, but it sure looked like a panda.

Absolutely I do see faces on cars. Always have. My 4 year old sees them too. She says my Toyota echo is a “happy car” and daddy’s minivan is sad.

Pixar however put the eyes in the windshield rather than in the headlights. I think I recall someone from Pixar saying that when they put the eyes in the headlights, all the cars looked like snakes.


Yep I definitely see faces. I think it’s just a natural human trait, if you can find 2 eyes and a mouth, it’s a face.

I can also identify cars by their lights at night.

The Audi A5 has a pretty agressive face, and the headlights are more eye-like than most if you look within the housings at the curved surfaces around the main beam. Kinda creepy, really.

Volkswagen beetle with eyelids.

Sort of. For some reason, I also think of the rear quarterpanels as the shoulders.

I don’t see them as much anymore, but as a kid I always did. Which is probably one of the reasons that I don’t like 18-wheelers–they all look angry.

Happy in a sort of rides on the short bus way.

But it’s very sweet.

Sometimes, sure. I blame it on a cartoon I used to watch when I was little: a boy would turn into a car. His eyes became the headlights, his mouth the grill etc.

Thank you shijinn. That was the first thing that came to mind when I initially saw this thread yesterday, but my Google-fu was out getting drunk in some seedy bar somewhere.

Are there any other Lexx fans around? That car reminds me of 790.

My mental response to the thread title was “You mean there are people who don’t?”

So, yeah, I see the faces.

Too sleek, a 2nd generation Honda Civic would perhaps.

As to cars with faces, the current model range from Peugeot features cars that look like they have large buck toothed grins on their faces. Peugeots used to look somewhat sharp for a hatchback, a bit like the Mk1 Ford Focus did, but now they just look a little bit jelly mould.