Does anyone want my taco?

I will be in classes and won’t be able to pick it up, so if any one wants mine, feel free to have if. Just go to Taco Bell, tell them you want Cog’s taco, and tell them I said it was cool.

Doesn’t matter… The place will be backed up for days. No way I’m waiting 45 minutes for something that costs 70 cents to me any other day (and costs 10 cents to TB).

For those who don’t get what CoG is referring to, Taco Bell is giving everyone a free taco for their Tacos for America promotion, which was ran during the World Series. The stipulation was that if a base was stolen by any player during the series, everyone in America would get a free taco. Well, Jacoby Ellsbury stole 3rd during game 2, so go by Taco Bell on October 30 and claim your free taco.

Is this:

Some kind of drug experiment?

A sociolgy class assignment?

Are we being punished?

ETA: Never mind, then.

Will do. Thanks, bud!

I’m glad fetus opted in. That taco woud have given me hell in the tum. :slight_smile:

Taco Bell is a piece of America that I do NOT miss.

You know, their taco salad isn’t bad. And their caramel apple empanada is yummy.

But their tacos kinda suck.

Say, isn’t Taco Bell the name of the Mexican telephone company?

I love Taco Bell tacos. The trick is, dont think of them as tacos. Think of them as mildly spiced beef-ish paste with shredded cheese-ish (I make them hold the lettuce-ish) sprinkled on top in a crunchy shell. Yummy.

Wait, how big are those tacos? How much of a meal is, say, two tacos? I don’t think I’ve been to Taco Bell in about 5 years.

Can I order mine with risotto?


I don’t want your taco, but I believe you have my stapler.

My red Swingline. . .