Does being asexual tend to correlate with certain personality traits or not?

Re people who are asexual I get the mental picture of someone who is kind of even tempered with not to many highs or lows. Maybe even a little bit passive or neutral in their day to personality. I do not know any “out” self identified asexual people although I’m sure I know some who do not wish to advertise their sexuality or lack thereof.

Does being asexual tend to correlate with certain personality traits or not ?

I am pretty even tempered, I think. But it’s strange. To some people, I cross across as intense and very serious. To others, I’m unflappable, not really caring about anything. I don’t think anyone would describe me as effervesant, fun-loving, grouchy, or moody, though.

I don’t know anyone except for me who is asexual. It’s not something I want to build a social circle around. But I don’t know if your generalization is an accurate one. I imagine that asexuals run the emotional gamut just like any other group. It’s just that instead of passion for sex, they might be passionate towards special interests, hobbies, or non-sexual romantic love.

It would be interesting to see a study investigating psychological traits of asexuals, like degree of blunted affect (if any), openness to experience, risk taking behavior, gregariousness, etc.

I wonder how asexual drug use compares to the general population.

Well, a close relative of mine identifies as asexual. She’s cheerful, optimistic, a bit of a dreamer, very loving (in a nonsexual way). She has a very bubbly personality, especially when it comes to something she’s a fan of. She’s kind of quiet, but if you mention any of her interests, she’ll go on about them as long as you like.

I doubt there’s any strong correlation between personality and asexuality other than a disinterest in sex.

I’m beginning to explore the idea that I may be asexual. I fall somewhere between **monstro **and RC’s relative on the personality scale.

So…no? I guess?