Does CBS ever show reruns of 60 Minutes?

I really wanted to see Lorne Michaels’ interview on 60 Minutes about the lip-synching fiasco, but America’s Dumbest Sport delayed the start, and so my TiVo only caught the first 20 of the 60 minutes. Does anyone know when and if they’ll show it again?

Go here & look bottom left. There is a several minutes long clip with a good chunk of the interview. Better hurry before it changes.

Yes, they do rerun stories, though not whole episodes. I have seen Christiane Amanpour playing with the naive gorillas four times, now (including on some airplanes).

TV Land occasionally re-runs celebrity interviews from 60 Minutes. I think that’s usually on Sunday nights. Not sure how old they have to be to wind up there though…

I fear they’re in reruns for the entire summer. The last few weeks all the segments have been reruns.

This thread is a rerun from 9 years ago! (Check the FRAKKING date stamp!)

Zombie or not I’m going to use this opportunity to bitch:

I’ve set my DVR up to record NEW SHOWS ONLY the thing is CBS seems to think clip shows count as new shows!

Don’t believe that tag that says ‘new’ on your TV guide, it’s a LIE!!

Yes - this really irritates me - someone should do a 60 minutes show on how CBS slaps three old stories together - and adds a narrator who say “As we reported last June” and calls it a new episode.

On the plus side - they make good stuff.