Does Maria Shriver have an eating disorder or ?

I caught a glimpse of Arnold’s wife yesterday at some media event, and to say that she looked gaunt would be putting it mildly. Anyone know if she has some kind of health issues going on?

She’s been scary-looking for years.

Gah! She looks like something Sigourney Weaver should vaporize. I refer to her as “ol’ Screaming Skull”.

She’s inhabiting a parallel barometric pressure.

Too much dieting and a bad face lift(s).

she has looked a bit…em… ahhh… for quite a few years. it is a bit strange.

I heard that she ate a french fry once, and Ah-nold went all Terminator on her ass.

Maybe she is a breathe-ologist, existing entirely on inhaled air?

Ah, an airitarian.


Says Mama TeaElle: “She’s had work done, and it wasn’t done well!”

Maybe Ah-nold’s fascination with “bulking up” has put her off of red meat. I’ve heard she’s sensitive to steroids.


Yikes, you folks are ragging on Maria! :stuck_out_tongue: But let me jump on in here. :wink:

Firstly, she has the disadvantage of getting the prominent “Kennedy” jawline–something which makes a man look handsome but doesn’t have the same effect for a woman. That’s genetic, couldn’t be helped. That being said, however, she has always had a kind of “gaunt” look coupled with having a head that looks like it’s too big for her body (also genetic, probably). Not an attractive look, at least in my book. Haven’t seen too many pics of her recently although I haven’t been paying close attention to the CA recall race, so can’t comment on whether or not she’s had any plastic surgery done. But remember that part of Maria’s looks were dealt to her genetically, please. ducks

I think she’s turning into the Cryptkeeper.

Here is a fairly recent picture, although I don’t know how long it will stay here:

She used to be fairly attractive when younger, but for the last few years the only word I can think of is…cadaverous.

The eyeliner doesn’t help.

If Tom Cruise and Margot Kidder had a baby…

shes plain unattractive…as all Kennedys are…the chicks atleast…dont want to offend those who have the John John crush going on

Well she is a Kennedy, so my assumption is she’s got at least a few “disorders” in her genetic code.

For all I know she might have
a drinking problem,
fidelity issues,
an elitist attitude,
an overinflated ego,
problems telling the truth or
a whole host of other flaws.

But you asked.

I prefer corpse-a-riffic

Aw, well I think she used to be relatively attractive…In that big jaw Kennedy way…but yes, poor Maria has seen better days. Oh, and if that is a recent photo I don’t think she’s had work done. Either that or her surgeon is pretty inept!

From that photo, I’d have to guess that she’s had work done. Badly.