Yikes! Maria Shriver Looks Like A Cadaver!

Jesus, did you see standing next Arnold in that interview about his Hitler comments?? No wonder she’s on leave from NBC: she looks like she ain’t had a good meal in a year, man!

Get some meat on dem bones, girflriend!



“The Screaming Skull” still lives! I believe I pointed out in a recent thread about this that she looks like one of those things Sigourney Weaver smoked in “Aliens”.

I don’t mean this as a flame, honest, but why isn’t this seen as offensive as making fun of an overweight person? Just curious.

Maria looks the same to me. She’s always been scary looking and I’ve never, ever understood why she’s considered physically attractive.

She just doesn’t look good because she isn’t wearing as much make-up as Arnold.

Point taken, Revtim, and thank you. You’re right, there may be some underlying problems I hadn’t considered before posting, but I believe I remember her being more full-faced before the “Arnold Years”.

In retrospect, I believe I may have allowed myself to slip into “Pit-Mode” without thinking before posting. That said, she just looks ill to me, sorry. Also sorry that I don’t know enough about her personally to have written what I did. I was way out of line, and I stand corrected.



No big deal Q. I personally wasn’t offended or anything (especially since I’m an overweight guy). I was more interested in the dichotomy; if fact, I wish people were less sensitive about this stuff.

I think the Tigers have touched the plate this year more than she has.

So, the spouse of the uber-grotesque-body-image-guy, she looks like she’s got weight issues?

Hmm, do tell.

If you were the wife of an ass-grabbing Nazi, you’d be looking a little worse for wear too.

Ouch, that’s harsh roadrunner.