Does the number 7 strike a chord with you?

Well, there’s always Juneteenth.

Another person born on July 7. Even better–my 21st birthday will be on 07/07/07.

Oh me too!! Im a 7/21 though- and 21 is a multiple of 7…

My husband usually just rolls his eyes when I say this, which is easy since I have them in a jar!

Tra la la la la la la (Nvme skips away)

First thing that I thought of: Mickey Mantle’s was #7

7 vestal virgins

7th heaven

forgive 70 times 7

“seven – that’s the time we leave at seven” (from favorite song at age 2)

seven dwarfs

birthday: 7-14-43

seven days a week unless you are a Beatle

Isn’t “seven” supposed to have some religious significance for some?

By the way, seven is short, squat and a pinky beige color. It feels like raw meat.

Seven reminds me of craps.

Whenever I have to come up with some off-the-wall imaginary number it’s 14. Or 14 million.

Seven was not a friendly number to me as a child. My seventh birthday was a disaster, and 7th grade was by far my worst year in school.

That said, I do appreciate the number in some ways, such as the seven colors that are officially recognized in a rainbow, and the seven notes of a standard musical scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B). Mannheim Steamroller pays homage to the number 7 on their “Fresh Aire 7” CD, which I enjoy listening to.

Do I consider it to be a lucky number? Not necessarily, but other than a few bad childhood experiences, it’s not a bad number, either.

I like three, and thirteen. But now that I think about it, I like all the odd numbers between 10 and twenty. Fifteen is a little too common though.

Seven Deadly Sins

This page lists the Seven Contrary Virtues (each of which offsets one of the Deadly Sins), Seven Heavenly Virtues, and Seven Corporal Works of Mercy.

Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church

Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost (my aunt learned the mnemonic “Will (yo)U Come For Kitchen Pans Friday?” for Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, Fear of the Lord)

T. E. Lawrence took the title of his autobiographical account of the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire from Proverbs 9:1.

This is going to sound waaaay too literal…so be warned…

The number 7 doesn’t strike a chord with me at all. Numbers just don’t do much for me.

For some reason, though, after I read through this thread, I found an example of how it does strike a chord with me.

In guitar chords. I love the sound of 7th chords, and minor 7th chords.

I particularly like Am7 and F#m7.

Dunno why.

Yeah, seven has a good feel, as far as numbers go.

Seven is way better than six.* Say “two thousand six” out loud, then say “two thousand seven” out loud. See? Also, I’ll be spending the majority of 2006 in high school, and the majority of 2007 in college. Speaking of college, my SAT score ends in “70.” In an 8-based number system, or when you’re counting 8’s in music or dance, 7 is like 9, in a way. Seven seven seven.

*BTW, why was six afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine!

Well, Segrams 7 rings a loud bell with me.
7th chords also, because the usually lead to the dominant.
Also, 7 brides for 7 brothers. 7th heaven. 7Up. (Yiddish)-Seven are you going to own up? (No offense) 7 steps to heaven. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. (sorry, reaching) 7 come eleven.
Come on, I stood in bed all night thinking of this shit.

Exit stage left…

No, not seven.



Nine is the number for me.

That’s probably due to the influence of Taekwondo and Korean culture in my life.

I had a great party on 7/7/77 and at 7:07 we all drank 7/7’s.

I intend to have another party on 07/07/07 and you are all invited, here in Las Vegas.

We’ll play craps and slot machines with lots of 7’s and everyone who gets 4 sevens on a video poker slot will get a DVD of the Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman film; Seven.

But to be honest, I have a think for the number 29.

I have a thing for the number 29.

Thanks a lot. Now you’ve reminded me of those atrocious “Dark Tower” books.

You keep away from 29, you hear! We’re happy, but 29 is easily confused. That day you sent flowers upset the both of us. You can never have 29! Mine! Mine! Mine!

(just kidding… have fun you kids!)

In high school, inexplicably, everyone in my circle had to have a number. It wasn’t a sports thing, there were no defined criteria for selection - but you had to pick. Once chose, the number was as identifiable as your name - many signed my yearbook with just their number. I still remember everyone’s number after all these years.

We were weird.

For the record, I was 19 (yeah Roland Orzabal)