Does the number 7 strike a chord with you?

In a conversation about the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the seven wonders of the modern world (which are also pretty ancient), my friend said that the number seven had significance to most people. Specifically “it strikes a chord with people” Does it with you? Is she right?

Born on 7/7/71. Weighed 7 pounds. 7th grandchild on my father’s side. Yes. It resonates a tad.

No, but I’ve always had a fixation on 12 and its multiples and factors.

Not in the least. 5 and 3 do. 7, not so much.

I’m rather partial to the number 8. And 12. I like 24 a lot, too, but that’s kind of related to both 8 and 12. I guess I like the multiples and factors of the numbers 8 and 12.

I like the number 13. Things around here just seem to happen when 13 is involved.
Good stuff. Not bad. So, I’ve been going with 13 for years now. Works for me!

13 is my friend too. Just to annoy certain other people. And 666, of course.

No, 15 is the thing.

I like seven. It’s my favourite number. It’s pointy and sharp and sounds sibilant and I just like it.

Several actually…7, m7, m7b5, Maj7, 7b9, 7#11…

(Arr, I also was born on 7/7.)

I had a bad bout of OCD as a young adolescent. At that time, the number seven was very significant. If people said “charged” words in my presence, like love or hate, I would be compelled to repeat them seven times under my breath to make them safe. I had to perform many rituals, such as putting my spectacles down on my headboard at night, seven times to neutralize the danger, unless I managed to put them down the exact right way the first time. Tense encounters could be diffused by looking at the person and away again seven times. Multiples of seven were okay if the compulsion could not be diffused through seven repetitions. I was aware that the number seven was a bit cliche, which only added insult to injury.

It took many years for the number seven to assume normal status in my world. Now it means absolutely nothing more to me than any other number.

7 has never done anything for me. 13 is the special one.

7 and 17

born 7/17/87

Pulled a lot of 7s and 17s in early life, elementary school desk number and the like. Noticed those numbers on fortune cookies a lot (yeah, selective perception).

**Does the number 7 strike a chord with you? **
Only in craps!

Just what I thought when I saw the thread title.

I don’t have any special numbers, especially not seven.

Multiples of eleven that are under 100, but not eleven itself.

For shorter numbers, 13 all the way. As a youth I used to win things on it. Like, I’ve taken home three cakes at elementary school ‘cakewalks’ with that number. Seven, on the other hand, does nothing for me.

Discarding limitations, the number 12345679 is bar none the coolest number I know of. Multiply it by any integer (any integer), modulous 999999999, and just check out the results. Try the 8 it’s missing for a particularly cool example. :cool:

I enjoy 19. Because, really, how often do you encounter 19 on a day-to-day basis? There aren’t 19 of anything notable. No popular holiday falls on the 19th with any regularity. 19-year-olds aren’t allowed to do anything special that they couldn’t do last year. 19 doesn’t even have any factors that, when taken in multiples of the group, might give you 19 of whatever you were dealing with.

Celebrate 19. It may be obscure, but that’s why it’s your friend.