Does this count as Bill's public endorsement?


I’ve been expecting it this week and am unsure if this counts. Not the fanfare I was expecting.

Per Bill

If so, then why isn’t Obama getting him out there in those areas in which Bill really could help (e.g. across Appalachia)?

What’s the plan?

Or to make this a straight up debate: Obama must be wanting to keep some distance and feels that Bill is more harm than good at this point anyway.

I think he will use him. Why not? He would have been a problem for Hillary, not Obama, IMHO. We’ll see…Not sure how Obama would need Clinton right now either…

He may try and use him with White Blue Collar workers, especially in the South/Appalachian region. Bill’s folksy charm and southern accent might give him a boost in that demographic. Hopefully he can do better than he did while “helping” his wife…

Some analysts on CNN last night were speculating that ol’ Bill might be too much of an unpredictable loose cannon, after some of the gaffes that he made during Hilary’s campaign, and that Obama is afraid to let him loose for fear of doing more harm than good.

Then they said, on the other hand, that he was probably too emotionally involved with his wife’s campaign to have good judgment, but that for Obama he would be back to his old self.

Frankly, I don’t see him doing Obama that much good under the best of circumstances - his day is over. But I can see him doing a lot of damage if someone gets his dander up. So I think Obama should trot him out occasionally for joint appearances, just so everyone knows that he has Bill’s support; otherwise, Bill can stay home.

Disclaimer: I am a libertarian so I won’t be voting for Obama. But I live in California, so it doesn’t matter.