Kudos to Bill Clinton

I just saw (former) President Clinton on CNN. He was in NYC, comforting stricken people looking for their loved ones. He told them not to lose hope. Someone asked him what we should do now. He said (I’m paraphrasing) to support the President, it will be hard, and long, but America will do the right thing.

Until now, I actively disliked this guy, and his wife, never voted for him, etc.

I believe his actions and comments were abundandtly correct, appropriate, and classy.

My hat is off to him.

God Bless America.

Bill was always better when dealing with emotions than with policy. It’s times like this where he’ll really shine, and when we really need him to do just what he was doing.

Good on him.

I, too, must say that I applaud his actions. Silly political divisions can wait for another day. Now, we need to help as many people in NY as we can, and then find out the man/men responsible for this.

I don’t care much for Bill Clinton but voted for him twice.
I can’t be the only one though that suspected a political motive to his trip downtown. I’m not saying that was the intention; if I lived there I would go check it out too. But the thought did cross my mind.

Just my 2sense

I figured he came down there because:

  1. Wouldn’t you? If you were an ex-president who lived near the city?
  2. Because he’s Bill Clinton, media whore. :wink:
  3. Because he could do what he does best, be comforting and reach out to individuals.

I dislike Clinton usually, but when I saw him on the news, I thought, “Good for him!” He was always at his best in these sort of situations. I really was happy to see him there. I think he helped a few people feel a little better. Bless his heart.

Despite my reservations for the guy in the past, I’m willing to believe that his intentions in the area are genuine. The presence of an “important” figure can be comforting to people.

I had the exact same thoughts as those expressed by other posters here. I had never liked Bill Clinton all that much in the past but that was a shining moment for Clinton. I’m also paraphrasing here but I believe the exchange went something like:

Reporter: “What would you do if you were still president?”

Clinton: “The important thing is that I’m not the president. I’m just a citizen trying to help out. I think the president is doing the right thing and I support him.”


Without a doubt.

What political motive?? He can’t run for any office anymore. I don’t get it.

Not to mention his wife IS a NY Senator.

I’m not found of him as a person-I think he’s a womanizing moron, and he had his failings, but say one thing-the guy is a world class diplomat.

Bill is a great people person and the man has empathy. He hurts for those people who were down there waiting for word on relatives and they know it.


like other have said, was very classy.

I’ve never cared for him and find this too opportunistic.

He is stranded in Europe, yet with thousands trying to find their way to the U.S. this “just a citizen” manages to acquire one of the first seats available and arrives at the crime scene even before the sitting president can arrive to offer support.

Actions speak louder than words…

Yeah, Clinton’s just a political hack.

While we’re at it, what’s the deal with that asshole Jimmy Carter? We all know that all his building houses and helping with international elections is really politically motivated.


Australia is not Europe.

I find it disturbing that some people can’t get over their hatred for Clinton even for a moment. It must get tiring after a while.

For all his faults, Clinton is a great “people person”. I doubt any of the people he talked to questioned his motives.

Australia? I had heard that he was in Austria.

If you are correct, that makes this show even worse. He would have had to have expected an indefinite stay in Tokyo or weaved his way to Mexico City where he again would have had to expect an indefinite delay. Europe to NY is a lot simpler, and shorter, that Australia to NY.

Gore was in Vienna, Austria. Clinton was in Australia.

I don’t know how Clinton got back to the US and I don’t much care. The ex-president flies back to comfort his neighbors, how horrible.

It’s my understanding that the President arranged Mr. Clinton’s return to the US.

His neighbors. Right.

The fact that it was a media event was just a coincidence.

Good grief. SouthernStyle, I image that ANYplace the ex-president goes is a media event. I consider it no infringment on anybody that someone with Secret Service attendants should be given a little priority on returning to the US to support their spouse - who happens to be US Senator from a state that was the target of the largest civilian bombing in US history. What a coincidence!

There is certainly a time and place for partisanship. This is not that time.

Hey SouthernStyle, I started a Pit thread about this a while ago, so instead of hijacking this one, you could go vent there.

I’ve already pretty much conceded that I was wrong in starting that thread though, so you’re pretty much on your own.

Hi Demise,

I certainly didn’t mean to give the appearance of hijacking this thread. But it is Great Debates so I made my comment that I doubted his motivation in showing up where there’s lots of dead bodies and plenty of TV cameras. And I’ll stand by my statement that even in his “just a citizen” days he manages to spend a lot more time at fund raisers and media events than he does helping the little guy.

I was justifiably corrected on his location. My fault on that one.

And Baub’s comments that he was “helping his neighbors” seemed directed to me so I responded.
I despise the guy. Absolutely despise him. But in this thread that sentiment doesn’t appear welcome.

I give the thread back to everyone else.