Does wearing a beard become sexy at a certain age?

I had never worn a beard prior to a year ago. I was always the clean-shavened one. Occasionally, while camping or on a long backpacking endeavor I’d grow a little beard, but I’d always shave it the instant I got home.

About a year ago I grew a beard, I have sandy blond hair and my beard came in blond with a little red and brown in there. I trim it so it’s not unwieldy and it looks kept but not “man-scaped” or manicured.

The reaction I have gotten since wearing it has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from women over the age of 30. I’m in 30’s and had never thought about having a beard, but now that I do, I recognize that there is a bit of attention happening [not that I am complaining - plus I have a wonderful SO] and it is happening with such frequency I can only blame it on the beard.

But it would seem the ones who really like it are all over 30…what gives?

Women, any ideas?

I use OkCupid and many women my age (around 20) mention that they love beards. I don’t think it’s an age thing. People, well, women anyway, seem to prefer me with a beard than without one.

Beard are hot, hot, hot.

I convinced my husband to go for it about a year ago, and now it is in nice and lush, contrasting his bald head, yess! Before that, he had a goatee which I found very played-out; it aged him, somehow. But the full beard. Yes.

I like a beard on my husband; he grows it out in the winter and shaves in the summer. Yay, variety!

Beards can be great. Not all guys can pull it off, but when it works it’s good.

I love beards. My god, they are hot.

Beards are sexy at any age.

Alas, mine just does not fill in… (take a look at my profile. My attempt at a Van Dyke. [second row, second column] That is as full as it gets.)

Yeah, unfortunately some guys can’t grow a full beard, I actually never thought I could…but that seems to be because I never tried as my beard is perfectly full.

Beards are sexy at any age provided they are fully developed, and in a style that flatters the face. Many men are improved by wearing one.

It depends entirely on the man and the beard.

I’ll get back to you in 3 years when I turn 30, but right now I think there are a lot more men with beards than there are men who can pull them off. I think they’re only an improvement if the guy has a weak chin.

I had a beard for a short time; it wasn’t tht bad. If I grew it out now, it would be all salt-and-pepper, which does not match my hair. So I don’t.

Teenaged girls with beards are HOT!

I’ll be the contrarian – completely prefer clean-shaven, no beard, no mustache.

There’s got to be a good, biting quote in there somewhere, a Dorothy Parkerism or something from Oscar Wilde…

I’ll join you. I dislike facial hair strongly. My husband had a goatee when we started dating… one day he asked me if I preferred that or clean-shaven. I said clean-shaven and he shaved it off that day. It made me so happy!

Bald guys often look better with beards. With a full head of hair, it can go either way. I like my boyfriend with a goatee.

It depends on the man and obviously the woman. For the most part I really dislike facial hair. A goatee can look good on the right man, but beards are generally icky IMHO.

Aesthetics aside, I hate the feeling of facial hair when kissing :X

I think Mr. Levins has a sexy “weekend” look when he goes without shaving for a week or two; he’s never pushed it beyond that so I don’t know if I’d like it, but I doubt it.

Full-fledged beards are a bit much for me; if I can’t see your skin through the growth, it’s too long. Makes me think of John Ritter and that ilk.