Dog Emoticon (Smiley) For WAG

Dog Emoticon (Smiley) For WAG
I’ve always thought that a dog or puppy with a visable tail would be a great addition for the smilies list used for WAG. Anybody else wany to chime in on this?

I think it’s a cute idea, but I’d rather have a vomit smiley first, because it would probably get more use what with all the TMI threads we have around here.

I suspect, though, we’re more likely to get the puppy first.

No dog smiley! Here we are trying to lower the smileys, and you’re trying to give us more?
We need to get rid of:

the putz smiley
the happy jewish man
the embarrassed one
and possibly the tongue-sticking out

and add the vomit smiley. It doesn’t have to be actually vomiting, just green and about to will do.

Posters do have the option to not allow smileys in their threads.
Unless they get rid of them completely I would hike to see a WAG one.

I would prefer to just use WAG instead of a cutesy wagging doggy. Sounds too much like one of those Microsoft helper thingies.

That option is available at all times.

I’m not going to worry about if we get it or not. I seldom use a smiley, but sometimes I do.

I think a smiley pulling something out of its butt would be most appropriate, but probably too graphic.

Why are we (is that the royal we? ;))trying to get rid of smileys?

I think it’s a bit too cutesy; I pretty much agree with Anaamika, except that I sometimes use the tongue-sticking smily (and, to a much lesser degree, little orange blow-jobby there ;))

Sure, I agree that they shouldn’t be mandatory. Don’t use them if you don’t want to.
But banned? :eek:

:wally : because of the dubious history of the poster it was named after.

:o : because it doesn’t really look embarrassed.

;j : No idea. WAGs: unfair to people of other religions on this board? Objectionable to atheists?

:stuck_out_tongue: : first I’ve heard of it.

The WAG dog would be pretty cool.

The only problem I can see is explaining it to newbies. (“What does that puppy at the end of your post mean?”)

Of course it would not be the first bit of confusing arcana to be adopted by Dopers.

I’ll take a crack at designing it if I get a chance. It may be hard to fit a recognizable dog and tail in the limited space allocated for smilies.

Something like this would be perfect (sans animation, of course):

This one’s kinda cool, although the lack of tail might defeat the purpose:

Cute, yes.

But I can’t see how it would help fight ignorance.

I still think we could use a “bemused” smilie though. The board’s winky just doesn’t cut it.

Having a low number of smileys is ideal, because they retain their effectivness. Dropping or changing a few to that end is teh good.

I’m basically in favour of useful, clear smileys that increase the transfer of information. Like rowrrbazzle says, :wally is lame because nobody but uber-charter-members know when to use it. I sure don’t… he’s apparently a grievous insult, but he’s winking? I don’t get it. The *idea *of :o is good, but most people think it’s supposed to be ‘yawning’.

Contrast that with :smack: , :rolleyes: and :dubious: . I use these regularily, and it would often take me at least a whole extra sentence to replace them. A cutsey dog would just replace ‘WAG’, which isn’t value for money.

Here are some recent threads for smileys that I think merit adoption:
Pukey smiley
Vomiting smiley
Generic smileys

What happened to the member who posted only smilies? I can’t remember his/her username. The posts often went beyond annoying back into funny.

I believe he was SILENT-BOB. He got targetted a few times by name-mimic trolls, though, so I could be slightly off on punctuation or the like.

That’s right. Yeah, I remember the trolls now too. Boo!