Dog sodomizes child

When I first heard about this, I thought the news had been taken in by sick joke. I’ve been around lots of unneutered dogs, and while I’ve seen a few of them do dominance mounts, I’ve never seen a dog try to penetrate a person. Has anything like this ever happened before? Are people with unaltered male dogs running the risk that the dog will try to penetrate them someday? Help me out here, animal experts.

On the list of ‘Headlines you do not want to come across’ that one rates pretty high.

You mean, outside of bestiality porn? :wink:

Reading the story, it sounds to me like all that happened was an aroused male dog mounted something close at hand, which happened to be a (presumably naked) small child, and scored a direct hit on the kid’s anus.

I’d want to know why the kid was naked, myself, and what happened to arouse the dog. I have a nasty cynical mind, and I could easily see the grownups present on the scene thinking it was funny to turn the dog on, and then suddenly things get out of hand when simultaneously the toddler’s diaper slips and the dog decides to hump the toddler instead of somebody’s leg. And before you know it, he’s got it in and is humping like billy-o…At which point, “the boy’s family members and neighbors had to beat the dog to get it off the child.” Um, yeah, that’s how it goes when a male dog gets it in and gets it going. He’s basically not going to stop just because you ask nicely. But the slant of the article is such that it implies, “Oh, that evil dog rapist! They had to beat it to get it off the poor baby!”

Um, no, I seriously doubt it.

Yeah, put it that way and it doesn’t sound so bad.

“Dominance mount”

(that won’t go unnoticed… )

According to the mom, she was changing the baby’s diaper, and went to throw it out leaving the dog alone with her son. Regarding the porn, my first thought was that perhaps the family is involved with something like that with the dog and the kid either mimicked something he saw, or the dog mimicked what he’d been taught. I don’t want to jump to conclusions though, so I do wonder just what took place.

Well, I would have doubted that anything like this would have ever happened in the first place. Clearly I was wrong.

Yeah, just stepped out of the room to throw a diaper away, just like every man ever admitted to a hospital with vacuum cleaner wounds to the penis says that he was vacuuming in the nude or a loose fitting robe, and the hose caught him by mistake.

My parents dog did saomething similar to my nephew when he was still in diapers. Except there was no pentetration because their dog is female, but she did do the humping action on the kid when he was crawling across the floor. The kid wasn’t hurt and after a couple of seconds we yelled at the dog and she dismounted and with that being said it was the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen. Everybody in the house including my brother and sister-in-law was laughing their ass off.

Later we looked up why a female dog would hump anything and we found out it was a show of dominance.

Diane Whipple was killed by a dog in a suspect sexual attack. WARNING: VERY DISTURBING STORY

Plus, any parent knows that you don’t leave a nude child (who’s still in diapers) laying on the floor. You’re just asking to bring out the rug doctor at that point.

What kind of surgeries, one wonders.

Apologies if this sounds craven, but I would be somewhat surprised if the sexual aspect of this actually story turned out to be as bad as this article is making it out to sound. Without knowing more of the facts, it kind of just sounds like a combination of sensational media (warning of us of “a deeply disturbing” news story), an easily victimized and legally-minded society (description of a young child being “sexually assaulted” by a family pet), and inchoate sexual repression (this attack was an act of “sodomy”). It kind of seems to me like all these factors coalesced perfectly to turn this into something bigger than just a simple “dog tries to hump kid” party anecdote, or a standard, everyday example of dominance mounting. The only thing about this story that suggests that it might be more is the part about surgeries, but of course, they don’t explain the nature of those.

Bob Barker knew what he was talking about!

no comment.

Who was it who called the police?

When a child sodomizes a dog, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a dog sodomizes a child, that is news.

They talk like it’s the same thing as attacking to kill the kid. Granted it ripped him a new asshole, but it was horny, not mean try to kill him ripping out the throat aggressive. I’m sure the family doesn’t care about the difference, but the media should.

I hope they take a long hard look at the parents. Anal penetration of a willing compliant partner is hard enough that I find it hard to believe a dog could do it to a toddler unassisted.

The article doesn’t explicitly state where the dog penetrated the child. Taking the broader definition of ‘sodomy’, it could have been the mouth, ear, eye socket, etc.

I’m quite familiar with the Diane Whipple case, and there was no sexual assault invovled. At no point was it ever considered a sexual attack in nature. From your link even, it says:

Emphasis and parentheses mine.

Diane Whipple was mauled to death by Presa Canario mixes. The dogs had previously bitten people and showed other signs of aggression.


One of the dogs, Bane, was on leash at the time, but the female owner was too small to hold it back. Whipple arrive from grocery shopping and Bane, reared up on his hind legs, pinning Whipple against the wall before she fell to the floor and tried to crawl away. Then Bane attacked in a frenzy and posibly the other dog did too for a sustained 6 minutes. The attack virtually stripped her of all her clothes, but she was not sodomized or other wise sexually assualted by either animal or human, she was bitten 77 times (including bites that nearly severed vertebrae).

This story was huge in the new in part because the owners were charged with second degree murder. There was also some pretty freaky ties that the owners had to prison gan members: the owners were attorneys and legally adopted their 38 year old client who was repsonsible for breeeding the dogs.

It was also major news because Whipple’s lesbian partners was granted the right to file a wrongful death suit which was a major step for human rights in the gay community.

I’m not sure where you’d heard that it was a sexual assualt. There have never been claims that was the case. It was a vile, vicious mauling.

Pretty ridiculous, isn’t it? All these acts of children sodomizing dogs every day, all around the country, and probably even the world. We never hear about those! Who’s looking out for the dog’s rights?!

I love pit bulls (really) but I would be cautious leaving a naked toddler around any large, unneutered male dog. Don’t a very large percentage of dog attacks in general come from unneutered males?

I agree Cagey Drifter…what kind of surgery? I rather suspect (based on absolutely nothing) that it was more along the lines of stitches, probably inflicted as much by the people beating the dog off the kid as the dog himself.