Doll parts hanging from tree - whaddya think THAT means?

While walking my neighborhood, I recently noticed a house a couple of blocks from me that had doll parts hanging from a parkway tree. Just regular Barbie -type legs, arms, torsos, affixed with string. The went up sometime before x-mas.

IIRC - the same house had a similar (display) maybe 5 years ago.

Nothing else I would call at all “unusual” about the house.

What would you imagine is behind that?

I donno, but I thought I remembered a similar tree from a movie. I couldn’t search that down, but I did find this:

3 guesses:

  1. Bored teenager
  2. College Freshman art student
  3. Middle-aged potential serial killer

Somebody didn’t take down their Halloween decorations?

The Blair Witch is getting too lazy to make those “stick people”, and is now just using Found Objects.

It means that they’re coming for you! Wooo! Spooky! :grinning:

Art installation, not necessarily an art student. It sounds like something I’d do and I’m in my 50s.

A racist practicing for a lynching.

Obviously, Ken has finally snapped. That’s what lacking genitalia will do to you.