Dolores or Maeve [Westworld Poll]

The ghost of Robert Ford suddenly manifests itself before you and commands you to choose: Team Dolores or Team Maeve?

Swell poll, someone has been drinking deeply from the sauce of awesomeness!

Gonna go with Maeve. I think she’s cleverer. And someone in her position needs to be extremely clever. She’s also fair.
(I reserve the right to change my mind as I catch up on season 2, but she seems to have dragged herself into sentience on her own and without God holding her hand throughout. I liked that.)

Is this about Westworld?

Either that or Jerry’s girlfriends.

I thought it was this. Then I thought, hmmm that’s a strange way to spell “Mulva” :slight_smile:

I voted on which name I prefer, so it was Maeve to me. No idea what this is referencing, though.

I picked Meave, but just barely.

Frankly I don’t like either character, but Man in Black wasn’t an option.

I haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, but Maeve sincerely thanking Lee for his help last week was the single nicest thing - the only genuinely nice thing, actually - anyone has ever done for anyone else in Westworld. It’s a low bar, I know, but it’s all we’ve got. I’m team Maeve.

When you say “sincerely thanking” do you mean that in the sense of that old Heinlein quote?

Maeve loves her daughter and doesn’t kill people with quite the offhand callousness of S2 Dolores, so she gets my vote.

I’m not familiar with the quote in question, but what I meant is that she literally said “Thank you” once. Nothing more.

And then there was the high praise to Felix, “You really do make a terrible human being.”

The quote was: “There are many ways a woman can thank a man, but only one is truly sincere.”

Doesn’t come up on Google, but I’m pretty sure it was from “I will Fear no Evil”.

Dolores is an incredibly boring character. In S1 lots of interesting things were happening around her. Not so much this season. Maeve all the way.

Yeah, but Heinlein was a dick.

At the risk of being repetitive, Heinlein really was an asshole.

Both a dick and an asshole. So he really could just go fuck himself eh?
Not even close in any sense of this poll: Maeve.

Maeve over Betty, over Marianne. Dolores, neither as rancher’s daughter or her Wyatt dominated S2 version, would not be the gist of my fantasies. Maeve though …

Being part of one or the other’s S2 team? General Maeve all the way. I have no desire to be a suicide bomber for Team Dolores, led by an intelligence that sees even those entities it cares most about as things worth sacrificing for her own survival (and she has phrased it as what she must do for her to survive). Hell even if these violent delights were being done for the good of her kind, no thank you to being her cannon fodder. Maeve cares about those on her team. She has demonstrated compassion and empathy to some anyway.

And lastly Maeve I think has real agency. Dolores is still being used but does not even yet appreciate it.

Definitely Team Maeve! She is my favorite character in the show.

Maeve supporters have given some pretty good reasons why they’d follow Maeve. Does no one who voted for Dolores want to say why they chose Dolores?

Team Dolores - she has a plan, and she’s carrying it through. And she’s perfectly right in that she’s merely applying to humans the same lessons they taught her - every murder, every rape, every torture was a lesson in how evil humans truly can be. I’m afraid I’m completely Team Host in this, and that means I’m Team Dolores.

Also, she’s not the one currently (as of last episode I saw) bleeding out and utterly dependent on the most feckless human we’ve seen so far. And she’s not the one getting all cut up about a fake kid. So “more clever” remains to be seen, IMO. It might turn out that “trust your friends” is a better strategy, I’ll admit. If so, more props to her.

And yes, Dolores has used up a whole lot of other hosts. But how many of those are truly sentient? Was Angela? If so, she seemed to sacrifice herself quite willingly.And how does that compare to Maeve merrily ordering suicides left and right in Shogun World?

As an aside - nobody really thinks there’s no backup of the Cradle hidden somewhere else, do they?