Domino's Cheese Burger Pizza

Cheeseburger sauce with beef, onions, tomatoes, and bacon. Topped with american, provolone, and cheddar cheese.

I am getting ready to order it, and I am curious if anyone has tried it, and if they liked it.

No, but I’ve had the Pizza Hut ‘Bacon Double Cheeseburger’ pizza and it sucks big time. Don’t waste your money.

Haven’t tried it, but how can such a thing be bad? :slight_smile:

Donald seems to like it.

I’ve had the Pizza Hut version, and it wasn’t half bad. Not something I’d order every time, but interesting as a change.

Can’t speak to the cheeseburger pizza, but the “great angus steak pizza” domihos is ofering around here is the first decent pie I’ve had from that place ever.


The last really good pizza I remember getting from Domino’s was the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza. Now that’s good eatin’.

Why not just get a really good burger?

As an aside… you know, just 'cuz you can put something (anything, it seems!) on a pizza, doesn’t mean that you should.

huk24, did you end up ordering it? How was it?

My wife and I tried it, because with all those ingredients, how could it not be good? We’re not ordering it again. It wasn’t horrible, just, I don’t know, kind of greasy.

WTF is cheeseburger sauce?


Are we talking chunky tomatos or puree? I hate chunks of tomatos but love me a saucy pizza. Go figure.

Are we talking puree tomatoes or chunky? I hate puree tomatoes but love me a chunky pizza. Go figure.

They put little chunks of tomato on the pizza.

“Domino’s” ?

“Pizza Hut” ?


Thank Christ I live in Brooklyn.

I’m going to second Unclvny – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is “cheeseburger sauce”? There’s no sauce on any cheeseburger I’ve ever made. Or, lord help us, is this a pizza with some kind of hamburger’n’Velveeta slathered all over it?

Heck, I’ve been ordering “cheeseburger” pizzas for years: just add ground beef and bacon (and maybe onions, if you’re in the mood) to a regular cheese pizza. Yum! :slight_smile: None of the Domino’s/Pizza Hut/Papa John’s concotions sound appealing to me.

I tried it once and it was so disgusting I swore I would never, ever do it again.

I agree that the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza rocked. One of the best I ever had from Dominos.