Donovan McNabb - QB for Philadelphia Eagles

What is wrong with this guy and his playing?

I have been living in Delaware for some time and alot of people watch and root for is the Eagles, there are some who are for the Baltimore Ravens, geographically we are between Philly and Baltimore.

But, what is going on with McNabb, this is probably the worst year he has had. Last year he won a game with a broken ankle, then he was out for several weeks, but he kicked ass on the field.
This year he just ain’t doing it.

I have three observations,

1: Andy Reid says DM got a broken or sprained thumb on his throwing hand, which is way he’s not throwing the ball and making receptions.

2: The Offensive line is being very offensive and not blocking/covering for McNabb, he is a kind of QB that likes to stay in the pocket and find his receiver. He will run, but he likes to shoot out of the pocket, and he needs the blocking which he is not getting.

3: The Corn Rows got to go, the power is in the Fro, leave the Corn Rows to AI - Allen Iverson, that’s his power.

Just asking if there is any other problem with him?,
Doesn’t DM make enough money to play and care?, cause right now he doesn’t look like he gives a S**t. Make him the back-up, cause that’s the way he is playing. Maybe if he gets demoted he’ll start playing and caring.


A mobile QB who can’t/won’t run is brutal when he also doesn’t drop, set and fire. He doesn’t drop, read/set and fire. He never does it.

He is sacked for not getting rid of the ball, not for lack of a decent line.

He doesn’t:

  • roll/scramble well
  • doesn’t drop/stop/pop
    -throw accurately historically
    -have receivers worth a lick
    -have a coach committed to relieving pressure through the run

Tredns tend to continue. At this point, his season is shot. You don’t just snap out of these things. Over the pat 15 games, he is borderline dreadful.

Was terribly over rated. Will never find the groove, but might be respectable/average with good supporting cast.

I suggest that this question be referred to Rush Limbaugh.

He`s unavailable at the moment.:smiley:

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