McNabb now a Redskin

Donovan McNabb traded to the Redskins for a 2nd draft this year and a 3rd or 4th next year.

Be careful what you ask for, Philly fans.

I don’t see what good this will do.

At least this gives the Cowboys a better run at it in the NFC East.

Wow. Didn’t see that coming. They have alot of qbs now.

That’s what happens when Jon Gruden runs your team.

…Wait, he isn’t? What the shit?

If the Redskins can now deal Campbell for a 3rd (or 2nd next year) round pick they’ll have improved at QB for next to nothing. I like it. And the Eagles got the best deal they were going to get so they are probably happy too.

Unfortunately this means even more NFC East games in Primetime for the rest of us though.

I think the first word in that sentence was mis-fonted. (Is that a word? It is now, I guess!) Try something like IF on for size.

Seriously, who’s going to trade for Jason Campbell, rather than wait for him to be cut & pick him up for free (and get to negotiate a new contract while they’re at it)? Are they hoping to catch Al Davis while he’s off his medication?

I believe Campbell is a restricted free agent. What sort of compensation can the Redskins expect if they just let him walk?

Normally this is true for most situations, but Campbell is a QB who’s got experience, is young and has had some success. There are more than a few experts and management types that think Campbell has a very bright future but simply hasn’t been in a positive situation in Washington.

I highly doubt the Redskins will just cut him and let him walk away for nothing if it can at all be avoided and teams like Buffalo, Oakland and Carolina who might really struggle to compete for Campbell on the open market should seriously consider trading for him before he gets the chance to start a bidding war.

Buffalo really should consider trading for him and then draft a developmental guy in the draft for 3 years down the road. You can be sure that if Campbell gets released Buffalo won’t be in the hunt and there’s just too much upside to not ship off a 3rd or 4th round pick.

Long-time Eagles fan reporting in here.

I fearlessly predict that my fellow Eagles fans will instantly change their attitude from “Why don’t those idiots get rid of that aging quarterback who’ll never win a Superbowl?” to “Why did those idiots trade away that fine quarterback who got us to so deep into the postseason so many times?”

Another Eagles fans here who agrees with the above.

Sonny Jurgensen is reported to have commented “These people never learn”.


Seconded. Or thirded. Or whatevered. Also, I have decided that I … just don’t want to talk about football until at least the All-Star Break. Maybe by then I will be … maybe not OK with this, but at least resolved. Or something. I have a headache.

In a major sports city like Philly, there are winners and losers. Winners have Superbowl rings, Stanley Cups, the World Series victories and NBA Championships.

Everyone else is a loser.

Let’s take a look at a great example: New York tends to put together some pretty good teams, and they have their fair share of championships (understatement), because if you don’t win a championship, you are a loser. Even if you DO win multiple championships, if the odds say you won’t win another one with this guy or guys, you MOVE ON.

Losers chime in and defend Mcnabb, because losers stick together.

I’m surprised, but he’s always seemed like a good guy and I think Philly fans have treated him badly considering how many games he’s won and how many playoff trips he’s made with them. I’m glad he didn’t get traded to Oakland. He didn’t deserve that- few do. :wink:

(long-time Philly guy) I have no love for McNabb or Reid, but would rather have got rid of both, or kept 5 and got rid of Reid… pesonally, I gave up on them emotionally after the Super Bowl, knowing they can/will never win the big game…

I think Reid is a lousy head coach in the areas of clock management and communication, so I am never surprised by anything he does or says… he sucks the fun out of being an Eagles fan, and McNabb took the high road so many times that you wonder if he is actually filtering his thoughts or is merely a vapid guy who doesn’t “get it”…

either way, we are stuck with a coach who has a system that brings success but no ultimate victory. Washington gets a QB with tremendous talent but incredibly poor consistency with respect to mechanics and winning big games… if Shanahan can make a SB winner out of McNabb, Reid will be exposed as the company-guy who drafts talent but can’t tap their potential; the guy who wins games but can’t win the big game…

the irony is that the McNabb haters are mad he was traded within the division… if you don’t want McNabb, why not celebrate that he is in DC?

The expected rate for Campbell is a 5th rounder according to Peter King. But do you want to get rid of him if you’re the Redskins? Given McNabb’s injury history and the Redskins’ line, they’ll be lucky to get 10 starts out of him.

Hope the winners enjoy their endless string of 4-12 seasons, Philster.

MnNabb is the same age as Peyton, and finally has equal offensive talent around him. This is a moronic move.

A fifth round pick seems ridiculously low to me. Look at Campbell’s career - he doesn’t have a great record as a QB, but that’s not completely his fault. He’s got a 60+% completion rate and he’s thrown 55 TDs against 38 INTs. He gets sacked a lot, but that’s more a function of Washington’s o-line than anything Campbell’s doing.

The biggest drawback is his fumbles, but he might be able to hold onto the ball better with a little more protection. I can imagine a number of teams giving up a third or late second round pick for him.