Don't be a playa hater

So I decide to pick my SO up from her train stop the other day. It’s about a mile away walking and I figured I’d keep her company since the weather was good.

On my way there I start picking up on the looks I’m getting from girls. They look, they stare, some smile. Sweet! I’m thinking, man, I’m hot stuff look at these girls they can’t stop gawking at the eye candy. And it just keeps happening every time a girl walks by, and a lot are walking by since they’re coming back from work. I also notice a few guys look my way and there is a strange look on their faces. Don’t be playa haters! I think as I strut my stuff with confidence.

More girls walk by, more looks. Now I’m a little worried. Let’s face it, I’m not that good looking. I might get the occasional look, but I’ve been putting on some weight and I’m not 21 anymore. But what the heck, I’m enjoying the attention anyway.

I finally arrive at the train station and my SO comes running towards me. Awww, what a cutie, she must see the hunk she’s with and simply must run towards me!

She grabs me, in hysterics, and turns me around. “Your fly is total open and you’re practically dangling!”.

Well, if you’re ever starved for attention in the future, you know what to do.

My husband’s uncle was on a cruise. His wife was taking a nap, so he decided to go down to the pool.

When he got back, he told his wife how all the young ladies were looking at him, how she should appreciate that he can still turn heads (he’s a wonderful husband, but loves to tease) etc etc.

His wife started giggling. Turned out he had pulled on his underwear OVER TOP of his swim trunks, and spent an hour or so lolling by the pool, impressing the young ladies. :smiley:

And I thought this was going to be about people that disliked the playa at Burning Man…

I thought that was your patented move. :smiley:

The Black Rock playa is one of my favorite places… except during Burning Man.

You didn’t feel a draft there buddy?

Anyway, thanks for the chuckle.

I’ve never understood the hate for restricted, desert basins and the ephemeral lakes that sometimes accompany them. Well, aside from all the obvious reasons.