Don't you hate it when...

You’re checking out a hot girl. I mean like picturing her naked and all that jazz.

And then you eventually find out that…

-they are way younger than you imagined
-you are related to them
-or their muscle head boyfriend or big ass bulldyke girlfriend is staring at you

Like damn! LOL! WTF?

Please!!! No one respond to this brain sludge. She won’t be back after the OP anyway and it’s garbage to begin with. Let’s just nip this in the bud and not respond to the OP, k? Some thoughts are better left in one’s head…

Ok, that was a little harsh. Sorry. Have fun.

You can do what I do, and just don’t bother clicking through on any threads she starts. You know they are going to be simultaneouly stoopid, ignorant and infuriating.
Or, if you do open one just for entertainment, then refrain from participating. You can’t get sucked into the maelstrom of sociopathy unless you play along.

(ETA: oh, shit. And I was doing so well.)

That’s when I call my lawyer, who is number 2 on my speed dial, and get him to sue the CRAP out of everyone in my way!! I’m so glad I have swift and easy access to him!

Number 2? Do you have number 1 saved for a club owner or someone else important?

“Hey there, sexy girl! I’m-a hafta call the fire department, 'cause yo fine ass burnin’ up today!”

“Oh hi, Uncle Turnip. Wanna see my new dolly?”


Well played sir, well played.


I’m supposed to be sociopathic now? LOL

Well, what would you call it?

Call what?

They? Them? Their?
Tsk, tsk, tsk…

So, you think they are a certain age, but you are imagining them younger? Sounds like fun, as long as you don’t go too young. Then OMG! WTF!

Someone’s been watching the gymnasts!


Well actually some of those chinese gymnasts look like they are 9, when they are actually 20.


LOL! OMG! WTF? LOL! LOL! LOL! Gahhhhhhh!

Seriously, Diamonds 02, what sort of childish impulse caused you to post something like this? What are you, 15 years old? Grow the fuck up.

These are not terribly uncommon occurances. I am not led to believe that no one else has checked out a woman (or man!) and you find out something about them you wished you’ve never known.

That would explain the need to be friendly with club owners, otherwise she couldn’t get in.

Why? I’m not afraid of my thoughts, only my actions.