"Don't call us, we'll call you" tech "support"--ARGH!

Nearly a year ago we bought some web space and a domain name via FeaturePrice.com. We’ve had more or less excellent service with them, as promised when we first signed up. Once, the server was down for a day or two, but a phone call to tech support revealed a message that it was a problem on their end, they were aware of it, and they’re working as fast as they can. It was up within hours. One little hitch in many months is pretty darn good, so, we were fine.

Then…as of Thursday morning, April 10, the server COMPLETELY went down. All of our email accounts, all of our web pages, all of everything connected with them is down, and has been down.

And so the fun began.

We originally just waited a day or two to see if it would come back up on its own (1). After no improvement nearing the end of the 2nd day, I tried calling tech support**(2)**. Constant busy signal, but the kind you get when the number is disconnected.

I go to the website, and after some searching, find THEY NO LONGER HAVE telephone tech support**(3)**.

So…I tried their fking helpdesk(4). EVERY LINK on their site for tech support takes you to help desk. All tech support is supposed to go through that–if you want to leave a message, chat with someone, etc, you have to login. Problem–we can’t login. I’ve tried every username and password we have with them, and we can’t login(5). Of course…if you’ve forgotten your password, they’ll email it to you. :rolleyes: Perfect for when the server’s down, eh? After numerous attempts, I get this lameass web page that says, in effect, “Golly, we don’t know why you can’t get into helpdesk. Here, leave your phone number. We’ll call you in 24-48 hours, at our convenience and likely when you’re not home, to see why that’s the case.”(6)** WTF? “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”?!? That’s great f**kin’ service, there.

They do have a sales 800 number which I tried** (7)**…and which is only available 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday. Perfect. Hubby will be calling it tomorrow.

More perfect…they do have a 24/7 online SALES chat** (8)** (which, in big bold red letters, says SALES CHAT ONLY). I’ve been trying that chat since Friday–just to talk to SOMEONE–and all I get is “Sorry, a sales assistant is unavailable.”

And of course…there are NO EMAIL CONTACTS LISTED. Anywhere. (Thankfully we have backup email addys via Earthlink.)

The icing on the cake is this line from their “About Us” section of the webpage:

:dubious: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Needless to say, after these 8 exercises in futility, we’re ready to cancel. Only AOL has ever jerked us around this much, and honestly, I don’t ever think it was this bad with them. Now that’s saying something.

Aw man, two orphan threads in recent memory? Do I really suck that much?

Ya know…I tried, and I tried, and now I cannot resist.

Conversant, man.

Conversant is the way to go.


I’d just like to add that this morning I called the sales 800 # and was given a new tech support # from the introductory message, which again alerted this was NOT for tech support, call this # instead. Grr.

I call that number…perpetually busy, just like the old tech support #.

I call back to the sales # (which is long distance, thank you very much) at 9:41am EST and get “Sales hours are 9am to 5pm. Please call between those hours. Goodbye!” And it hung up on me!

Seriously, I’m going to go postal on their “all about human contact” asses.

It sounds a lot like they might just have gone belly up. Maybe you could get someone in their local area to check it out - I don’t know exactly where you would contact to find out something like that, but there has to be some sort of agency that knows stuff like that.